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Worst Video Game Sequels

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For the purpose of simplicity, feel free to conflate "worst" and "most disappointing," since we usually have a hard time keeping any distinction between the two in threaks like these. I'll start off with two sequels I've recently gotten around to playing (and loathing): - Civ 5: a pale immitation of Civs 3 and 4, dumbed down considerably. - Dragon Age 2: total omfg horseshit. Also dumbed down. Horrendous letdown after the original, which was excellent if not necessarily groundbreaking. I couldn't force myself to invest more than a few hours in this game before throwing in the towel. I can't even bring myself to finish it out of obligation, which is what I usually do with bad RPG sequels in franchises I otherwise enjoy.
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Interstate '82, the sequel to Interstate '76. I76 was a great game with an awesome multiplayer component and the greatest video game soundtrack of all time. '82 was crap and virtually unplayable.
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Tetris 2, not a bad game but its just not the same
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Kotor 2
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Oblivion, didn't like it at all after Morrowind.
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^wtf. oblivion was so good.
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Haven't played video games in a while, but I remember Onimusha 2 being a disappointment. The first one was epic.
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Ehh. Didnt like how it was dumbed down. Also the landscape was generic medieval fantasy, I guess I just liked Morrowind so much I was bound to be disappointed by sequel. Damn we are such nerds haha.
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i dont understand what you mean by dumbed down. the new system was a big improvement and made the game more fun for me.
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far cry was excellent. far cry 2 was a fucking disgusting flaming pile of fucking shit. i wouldnt feed it to starving ethiopians.
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Double Dragon II and worse Double Dragon III
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Originally Posted by amstokesdb9 View Post
Tetris 2, not a bad game but its just not the same
There’s a second Tetris? My mind has melted.

Originally Posted by Slopho View Post
Double Dragon II and worse Double Dragon III
You’ve got to be kidding. Double Dragon 2 on NES is the greatest video game I have ever played (it is an altogether different game from the arcade version). The spinning dragon kicks, the dragon knee, the dragon punch… wow! Then, we have the addition of the Mysterious Warrior. Double wow! The puzzle stages, the cutscenes, the greatly improved enemies and landscapes. It’s impossible not to like that game.
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Oblivion was my first elder scroll game and I loved it. But I hear from hardcore fans that oblivion is what dragon age 2 is to DA:O. I'm looking foward to Skyrim though. I'm going to be broke Quarter 4 2011.
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Some that come to mind that I have played:

-Max Payne 2
-Devil May Cry 2
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2
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another vote for KOTOR 2, but KOTOR 1 was a hard act to follow
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