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Currently, I work in the Tokyo area, and wear suits to work daily. I know it is a long shot, but could anyone recommend a place that will alter the suit I may buy at E-bay, that will shorten the sleeves on the shirt I bought at TJ Maxx, take in the waist on a pair of chinos that have become baggy, or repair the stitching that is comming undone on my remaining U.S. bought suits? I buy most of my suits "easy order." I select the fabric from swatches and the suit design (single or double breasted, two, three, four buttons, vents or no, working button holes) and about 3 weeks later I pick the suit up. The easy order place stands behind these suits and will replace a button or take in the waist. I am hoping for someone who can do more than just replace the button as the dry cleaners does, but who will not insist that I purchase a whole suit made from fabric on site. Am I asking too much? Any messages to the list or privately would be appreciated. (I read, write and speak Japanese, so language is not a problem.) Bic