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What has SW&D become?
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Originally Posted by Cahrin View Post
The seller clearly misrepresented what was being sold. Whether you feel the box has any intrinsic worth is irrelevant. Upon discovering the product was not as described the seller should have contacted the buyer and made clear the new conditions of the sale and offered a full refund at that point in time. This is the behavior you'd desire if a seller discovered a pull in a tie or a nick on a pair of shoes.

The simple fact is the seller did not deliver what was promised and the buyer has a right to be upset. The item shouldn't have been sent in the first place, as you're now in the unfortunate position of having to determine the worth of an item that is clearly highly subjective.

Combining the facts that it's a damn shoe box and that the buyer may be a high-functioning illiterate is unfortunately feeding the board trolls and distracting from the primary issue.

This. A seller is responsible for delivering goods as described. If this was not possible, it was the seller's responsibility to inform the buyer, and renegotiate the price. If a price cannot be agreed upon, the transaction should be considered void. imo, the buyer is overreacting, but he is actually in the right. The fact that he seems to be an asshole has no bearing on that.

Originally Posted by Aries83 View Post
Specious comparison. You're comparing intrinsic and extrinsic properties. The box is extrinsic to the shoes, whilst a pull in a tie or a nick on a pair of shoes effects the intrinsic quality of the product.

A better comparison is it's like buying a suit or dress and not receiving the original garment bag/hanger for storage.

edit: But seriously, seller just give the guy the $14 and both stop blowing things massively out of proportion for fuck's sake.

It's not a specious comparison. You are making a value judgement. Clearly, the
buyer made a different judgement.

Now, there is a special feedback thread for this for a specific reason - to keep this shit from cluttering up the forum. Honestly, this is worse than the J.Crew thread combined with the"What clothes go best with Clarks DBs" thread. If either the buyer or the OP posts here again, for any reason, they are going to get a week off to cool off and ruminate on the value of cardboard boxes.

FWIW, I use my Common Projects and Margiela boxes to store random papers, and my larger heavier boxes (Carmina, Mantellassi, Trickers, etc...) to store files. I just looked on Ikea, and a similar system would cost about $50. Given the additional branding, (Trickers>Common projects>Ikea), I'll sell my little filing system for $70 + shipping.
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I'll paypal atomkun $14 to shut the fuck up.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
I'll paypal atomkun $14 to shut the fuck up.

i'll match it
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I hope that one day we all may be able to enjoy the lux lifestyle of the Whites Boots box owner.
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Originally Posted by alleyooptroop View Post
Long story short, I sold a pair of whites semi dress here. In the thread I advertised as coming in the original box which I thought I had. Little did I know my roommate threw out the original box so I found another box to ship them in. The buyer went ballistic via pm. I've apologized and even offered to send him back $5 as a good will gesture. He says he wants $14. He claims the value of the boots are less now. I can understand this for something like a pair of original Nike Jordan III's. But these are a pair of made to order whites semi dress which are made to be worn and beat up. Don't think they're that collectible. He's making it sound like I was out to screw him out of money. I've been a member here for a long time and have never scammed anyone. I'll admit to my mistake but I don't think I deserve the vitriol this guy's spitting.
Originally Posted by Atomkun View Post
Ok, since u want to start a topic on it instead if keeping it personal between us,then let's do it! For all the people who are gonna post a reply or comment. Please let it be known that when I sounded my interest in the boots in my first pm to him, he says he will ship out the item to me WITH original box. There was no mention of him unable to find the box and roomate throwing away the box blah blah blah.. So I send him the payment with the assumption that I will be getting the full set which includes the original box! And today AFTER he has send out the item, then he tells me that he can't find the box and has shipped out the boots to me in another box.. After repeated pm to him, then he tells he has shipped out the boots in weaver mocassin box!!! Imagine that! He shipped out a pair of Sd in a weaver mocassins box! If anyone of u is in my shoes, how would you feel?? If he had t old me that he does not have the original box, i would not have bought from him!it is a matter of principal and he is a senior member on both Sufu and this forum.. What's more insulting is when i voice my displeasure at him shipping out without the original box, he tells me curtly:"are u wearing the boots or the box?" Besides, this is not a cheap pair of boots or sneakers and if I am buying a pair of Jordan 3, I expect to have the box! If not, he should at least have the courtesy or intergity to inform the buyer first! That being said, I actually have decide to cut him some slack since he is a student and having his spring break and since he mentioned he will look for the box when he goes back to his apartment. However since he wants to start a topic on it, I have no choice but to voice out !
Edit: didn't read someone's previous higher offer...
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for god sakes can we end this thread
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I feed shoe boxes to my dog.
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Well, as I had just read the topic and entered the thread I thought "well.. not box, no big deal.." But actually I feel like you have to get what you payed for and if this was an fucking box, he has to receive it or you got to cancel the deal or find a solution. Bad problem, sorry guys ;/ Simon
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Originally Posted by Wes Bourne View Post

Jesus...49 pages out of that question?

That MC "in praise of navy" might go to a 100!!
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