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I've always enjoyed good mornings BUT be very careful with them. Start with a low weight. Better to think the weight is too light then to hurt yourself. I'm not sure about the point that they are needed. Between conventional and straight legged deadlifts you hit things .
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I guess this is my first post. I strained my back in my twenties when I felt 10 feet tall and bulletproof, I ignored a lot of good advice that came my way, It started with a strain that turned into a tear that almost led to a full rupture. Today I regret not taking the advice given to me, your back is a tricky area to be playing with. I have known offensive linemen in college who now struggle to lift up their three year olds. I am lucky I can still play with my kids, but I have to think about how I lift anything as well as how far I can push myself.

I would see a doctor ASAP and give your back some rest. It is not worth the risk of trying to push through the pain. Think about the quality of life you want to have when you are 40+
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yeah I'm going to a sports medicine doctor on Friday... my copay is $10 so I guess it's worth my time to get checked out before I start doing training again.
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went to the doctor, he took some x-rays, discs seem fine. He said it's a very slim possibility I could have some small fractures or tears, that he wouldn't be able to see without an MRI. He wants me to do some physical therapy for a month, continue to go to the gym, but lay off squats or anything that may injure my back. He prescribed Naprosyn (anti-inflammatory). He said if I'm still in pain in a month I'm going in the MRI. Really, he didn't check much more than what the chiropractor already checked. And didn't tell too much more either. I'm hesitant to go to the physical therapy as I think it will be kinda of a waste of time. I will give it a session. I'm scheduled to go in two weeks. If I'm feeling good by then, I probably wont go.
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Just to revisit this and follow up. I went to physical therapy a couple of times, it was slightly helpful, but mostly a waste of time. Thankfully I didn't pay anything to do it, but my insurance was charged about $1k for about 8 or 9 sessions I did. They'd put a hot pack on me and basically have me do a bunch of stretches I could do at home. So now it's almost been 3 months since I got injured, and I still have some lower back discomfort. My Sports Medicine Doctor cancelled the last follow up appointment on me so I never went to see him again, which is fine because the only thing that he had left to do was to either say I'm fine or send me to get an MRI. Whatever, I'm back in the gym. I tried doing 135lbs of deadlift last week and it didn't feel right, my back hurt on the way down. Stopped doing that. This week did 135lb squats again trying the low bar position (which feels very very awkward) the weight never really rests on my back and it seems like way too much weight is on my hands/wrists, I don't know how it's said you can hold more weight doing low bar vs high bar. I used to do high bar, basically resting the bar on my traps and that felt perfect. Also did dead lifts again with less weight and it felt good. Hopefully I'll just ease back into my workout regimen and my muscles will sort themselves out. After yesterday's workout my back does feel better. I'll do another update for the sake of anyone else that goes through an experience like this.
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A low bar squat requires quite good shoulder flexibility so that you can get the bar where it needs to be. In any case, your hands should not bear almost any weight at all.
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Originally Posted by TrH View Post
A low bar squat requires quite good shoulder flexibility so that you can get the bar where it needs to be. In any case, your hands should not bear almost any weight at all.
I read that... it feels very awkward to me. My wrists were hurting quite a bit, so I'm certain I'm doing it wrong. It just doesn't seem to rest comfortably anywhere but on my traps. I just don't see how I can do it. I'm pretty flexible and don't have a problem having my hands back there further, it's just the bar doesn't SIT on my back, the only thing keeping it there stable is my hands and that means too much load on them.
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I can't do that low bar shit man. My left shoulder is wrecked enough. I feel for u man back + shoulder injuries are the worst.
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I find trying to lift my elbows as high as I can behind me helps with the low position.
(happy to be corrected!)
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Originally Posted by danilo View Post

The low bar squat isn't the sine qua non in weight training, so if you're much more comfortable squatting high bar, then do. There are loads of other things you can do to bring up your hammies and I bet you'll have more success that way than by squatting with a bar stance that makes you hurt and ache.
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I figured as much. If you can't do it, you can't do it. I just figured the lower bar position would be better for your back, I think I got injured by leaning forward on the push up from the squat, I wish to avoid that at all cost in the future.
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just to keep following up on this, I pretty much laid off squatting heavy for the past couple of months... for the past months I've hardly done any squatting at all because I had been traveling on work and a vacation.

I've done various physical activities some giving me great discomfort on my back after playing things like soccer.

While on vacation I was playing some volley ball and hurt my lower back again, I think it was jumping up for a block or something. I got back from vacation and made an appointment with my sports medicine specialist, I wanted a real answer I wanted an MRI.

Did the MRI, specialist said I have a slightly bulging disc and that pretty much that may never heal completely.

Probably the worst health news I've ever gotten... definitely has me down. He offered me steroid shots in my epidural, I quickly declined. I'm not in that much pain at the moment (more like constant discomfort and lack of confidence in my lower back), and I know the pain will eventually subside, but I guess the real problem may take much longer than that or it may never heal frown.gif

take care of your back guys
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