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Originally Posted by TtownMD View Post

Good to know well for what's it's worth when I bought ST 2 James pearl grey I asked for lasted shoe tree from soak. They reply & said now days G&G shoe trees are not lasted but they are cut to the last meaning it will accommodate each last accordingly but only difference is that toe box is same on all the shoe tree. But rest is different to accommodate last to last.


   that jives with an email I received from EG :


Just to advise that before we go ahead and take an order from you, we do not have shoetrees that are specifically for the 888 last. As most of our lasts are based on the 202 last but with slight modifications (such as toe shape) we tend to find that it is best to use shoetrees based on the standard 202 shape.


Please let us know if we should still send you a payment request.


Kind regards

Edward Green and Co

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The new G&G trees are not truly lasted. The toe box is generic. But they are all cut to the last and come in half sizes and different widths. So it's still a good investment if you are very particular with your shoe core. You won't find a better pair of shoe trees for your G&G shoes. I always order mine with G&G shoe trees.

There may be some retailers with the old truly lasted trees in stock though, these will most likely be the stained/natural ones without the plaque.
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Thank you Leaves for posting info regarding G&G shoe trees.
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Originally Posted by dddrees View Post

I'll have to see how their trees actually fit. But I see this as more of an exception than a rule for me, I generally prefer the branded or lasted trees for EG, G&G, and JL like I said previously.

I agree. For lesser brands I don't mind to try one of the more standard shoe trees but for these top brands I want the lasted to make sure the fit it is just right. I have tried the skoak trees for my EB boots and they are great shoe trees too. They have a nice shape to them that can work for the more shapely lasts in these higher end shoes.
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Originally Posted by JubeiSpiegel View Post

The GG tree or generic tree debate is a simple one for me.

GG will make a G width tree for me. Not some good enough E width fitting tree that i can buy RTW, or some split toe throw away that just don't due. So for me, I'll be glad to pay for the lasted GG trees in my width, regardless of what amalgamated toe they decide to put on it now...

Same on my side for the narrow and that makes a huge difference.
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So, are we all done with GMTO ideas?

We had some good GMTO interest some days back, and then nothing. I can't be the only one interested in taking advantage of this (maybe temporary) GG order option. Any real interest in anything gents?
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Originally Posted by j ingevaldsson View Post

^^^ I did a blog post on the subject a couple of years ago, and here's the movie I did which is mentioned on the link Laufer posted: http://youtu.be/Fc9Ae9QBrTs

I talk in Swedish, but basically I show how you shouldn't do first (pull the laces in the speed hooks) and then the correct way (pull the laces before you drag them around the speed hooks). I will probably do a post and movie for my new English version of the blog eventually, but until then you have to settle with hearing me talk the funny talk 😊


It's speedier this way. I slowed down a lot for the video.
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