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Originally Posted by Gianni Cerutti View Post

beautiful and fit ... but it is a bespoke?
Was part of a group MTO earlier this year
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Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Those are next on my G&G list.

Received these recently, courtesy of Nick.

Ha! Those are next on MY list!
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^ icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

The Moores are nice! I was just looking at them in the AFPOS thread earlier today.

You'd be surprise how close the two are. I have both and they are both fantastic shoes.
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New Cherry Cambridge from Nick! They're my first G&Gs. I'm still testing to see if the fit is right. They are very snug even for an F fitting. I remember my AS G fitting were also tight and now they're a dream to wear...confused.gif

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Beautiful shoes, guys.

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Itsuo wins
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beautiful shoes itso
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Originally Posted by chogall View Post

I think you meant the slant and the height of the shaft.



Mr. Six and jubiel, those look fantastic.
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Just a reminder for the MTO that I will be placing in 3 weeks that I hope I can get 6 people to join...



I'm going to do an MTO for a pair of G&G through skoaktiebolaget.


Since Im not in a great hurry I thought I would check here first so see if someone else might be

interested in joining me.

However, since I dont want to wait forever either I will put a final date for the whole thing,

which will be friday november 22nd.


if we dont get 6 people by that time and you dont want to proceed with purchasing the shoes with the added MTO cost,

that is fine I will go ahead and order them anyway :)

So if you are interested in joining in, please contact me.


the specs will be these, but if someone has a better idea, im still open for suggestions.


Gaziano & Girling Arran

Not sure if its Oak hatch grain or if its brown hatch grain, cause I think its a tad lighter than oak

anyway, its the shoes below and I saw that Nick from from bespoke england had used it.

Last: MH71

Width: E

Sole: Wensum (or Dainite if a majority prefer this)

Details: Black stitching/lining/lacing with only 2 eyelets instead of the normal 3.

price: Gabriel/Patrik help please.

Price for this mode as a Group MTO is 7900 SEK (6320 ex VAT)
Price for this model as a MTO is 9300 SEK (7440 ex VAT)


So the shoe/last will look like this.




But the coloring will/should be very similar to this




Still not 100% sure that these all of these details are possible, but G&G are usually pretty flexible,

so I hope there wont be any problems.

I also dont know the price for these, but Gabriel or Patrik might help me here :)


I imagine it will look something like this


but with black details


To get an idea for what the difference will be between black and brown stitching/lacing

2 very similar dark oak EG dovers are shown below.



EDIT: added price

EDIT2: added comparison of black/brown thread

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did ya'll know about this?
Originally Posted by Nick A View Post

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Correction, it seems to apply to RTW orders as well made during Nick's promotional period icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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most excellent.
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