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Second-last reminder - order being placed tonight.
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Hi everyone. I was wondering when the next batch will be ordered? I woud love to jump on board

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Hi Andrew


I am interested as well.


Please let me know the availability and cost.





you can call me on 0433 029 729 as well.

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Anyone in Sydney thinking of doing an order. I would like to order their suede cleaner, renovator and black pommadier cream.


if not, what is the best website to order from in person that is reasonably priced?



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yes andrew i want to purchase the following items
light gray polish
light gray wax
light brown polish
light brown wax
neutral polish
neutral wax
orange polish
orange wax
my email address is
thank you
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Thanks Andrew. Great idea.


I'm interested in medium brown wax and creme polish and the Saphir Pommadier applicator Brush. From Sydney by the way.

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Dear all

Thanks Andrew for coming up with this idea on a bulk purchase for Saphir Polish. The original post was made a while ago so I hope it was a success.

I don't want to hijack this thread so Andrew if you are running this again please let me know.

Otherwise there seems to be some interest for another order so I would be happy to put my hand up to arrange another order. I have ordered before from Saphirs own distributor and found it to be the best price. I also swear by the Creme Surfin and the Universal Cream Polish, pretty much the best shoe polish you can get at a very reasonable price.

I have done some numbers and it comes out as follows (currently I have 23 units and growing by the day).

* Creme Surfin Polish: A$5.85 + $3.42 shipping = A$9.27 landed in Oz
Product type:

* Universal Cream Polish 150ml = A$8.81 + A$5.15 shipping = A$13.96
Product type:
* Universal Cream Polish 500ml = A$21.18 + A$11.48 shipping = A$32.66

For the Creme Surfin I checked ebay and they were going for A$9.96 plus A$9.33 shipping = A$19.29 so I think this is a pretty good deal.

And the more purchases we get here, the cheaper it gets! As we are getting it posted we get the VAT taken off plus I have used a 5% discount coupon, win!

Just like Andrew please note there's no profit or skim in this at all. I'm happy to circulate a spreadie which shoes all the costs, everyone order to it's all above board (with receipt).

Look forward to hearing from those who are interested, again I hope the original poster Andrew doesn't mind me doing this, just want to keep a good thing going.

I'm looking to round out the orders in two weeks time, so do PM or reply to this thread soon!


To keep it simple I'm thinking that this may be a Sydney based order so I can the items to you. Pick up preferred Inner West or CBD drop off also available. Ps also I realise I'm new to Style Forum so I go easy on me!
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Would it be possible for a Melbournian to join the bulk order? I'd be interested if the prices are still decent :)
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Originally Posted by Aruson View Post

Hey mate absolutely the more the merrier. Feel free to see how your syndication network goes with the Melbournites and just advise me your total numbers in the end or I can just grab yours. I'll just post it down to you and advise you of the cost.
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