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Originally Posted by wojt View Post

according to multiple news outlets praised taliban a few times on his youtube channel, overall the more i read about this guy the more of an odd ball he seems, no wonder his son was fucked up

Sounds like he's just crazy. Praising taliban, then saying they're just puppets and trashing them. Saying hes the president of Afghanistan, he has an intelligence network, etc.

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I don't usually like Krauthammer, but he's right on with this one.

Trump is running as Trump! Surprise!

When in his 1964 GOP acceptance speech Barry Goldwater declared that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” a reporter sitting near journalist/historian Theodore White famously exclaimed: “My God, he’s going to run as Barry Goldwater!”

Six weeks into Donald Trump’s general election campaign, Republicans are discovering that he indeed intends to run as Donald Trump.

Yeah. WYSIWYG(etting). Trump gonna Trump, and it was foolish for a lot of reasons to expect his primary tactics would work the same way in the generals. I'm not at all convinced it'll be a landslide for Hillary or anything, but Trump totally squandered any advantage he had six weeks ago and is behind again.
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He's not even from this planet, he can fuck off to Cardassia.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Bit of a distinction between an invasion and a drone bombing, isn't there?

Drone bombing isn't trivial, but let's not so casually equate them. Bush's actions with invading Iraq and fucking up the invasion of Afghanistan destabilized a huge swath of the world, cost trillions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of lives. That's the "neocon on steroids."


And neocon Hillary Clinton supported all of it.

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man I love sam harris, can't agree more
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^ 5-star content.
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post


Died April 30, 1945...

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So.... Corey Lewindowski is out....
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Beginning of the end.
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I cannot believe Clinton who won her NY seat running unopposed (Giuliani dropped out due to fake prostate cancer diagnosis) is having presidential election handed to her in the same fashion. All Trump needs to do is to announce that he was diagnosed with chronic malignant stupidity and pull out of the race.

P.S. I have it on good authority that Trump's latest MRI shows that his brain looks suspiciously similar to giant prostate gland.
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