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Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES View Post

Seriously OP don't buy what you like. Just read this board for weeks.

Yeah, buy what this forum recommends. You'll think that you're styling on everyone around you in a month when in reality, you'll be ordinary/boring.
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"Also note that alot of things in civillian society (peacoats, flip flops, desert boots, trench coats, zoot suits, commando sweaters) came from the World Wars, so military surplus stores are a great place to look"

I was going to mention this too...before you buy on overstyle-ized version of something, check with a military surplus store for an M-65 jacket or other style casual jacket, cargo pants, etc. Not saying you should wear them together, but the authentic stuff is better than a Gap knockoff IMO and usually cheaper...
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This threak brings the lulz
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I actually asked a co-worker who was (is) a marine, and he told me of 2 places...one is real close, i used to go there as a kid and buy rip-stop camo pants. I'm gonna check the place out. I like the look of that A2 jacket...and the M65 looks cool too....i want to see this stuff in person though. Adding a jacket to my wardrobe this summer is a must. The only thing i have is an Italian leather...all my other stuff is either for winter, or way to big. Supposedly they sell boots too, not sure if that is a good look or not, but i'm going to go and see.
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Listen to what's been given to you, lol. If you hang around and actually learn something, what you think looks "cool" will change. Look at the WAYWT thread in the SW&D forum and find people/outfits that make you say "damn" out loud. Try to find out what brand it is, add it to your database of brands to research, and continue for at least 2-3 months.

And hold off on revamping your wardrobe right now. Otherwise you'll be out 2-3k before you even know it in the span of a month.
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I am doing that so to speak. Right now, i'm kind of in a bind because all i have to wear is a few t-shirts, and 3 pair of boot-cut jeans that everyone here loves so much. I have a few other shirts, and i don't think i should have threw that button down from express in the dryer. I have no shorts. I did order 2 quality dress shirts from nordstram. (well one from them, one from the same designer off of ebay) I want to go look at those military jackets in person and form and opinion. I can go get one pair of straight cut jeans. levi 501's or something. Maybe the brand i bought fit funny, and a different brand in straight leg will fit better... Chucks were recommended as a possiblity...the Purcell versions i guess are alittle more comfortable, or the inside is removable to put a better insert in. So far I know that jeans are going to make up a large part of what i wear...they always have. I know that i like the way a blazer looks with jeans. I know i'm going to have to get some tailored button down dress shirts... I still like t-shirts. I love those oxfords i bought, eventually i'm going to have stuff to wear with them. I'm going to look at different boots...side zipper would be a big selling point for me. I like shoes that i can just step into. I have been looking at those threads....probably around 4-5 hours worth of reading already. I'm stuck at work until 0700 tomorrow...I'll be reading a ton. I slowed down, I don't remember who said it, but i do need to take a step back, but i also need to get a few things to wear as i learn.
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well, you won't get things right straight away no matter how much you research it. but hopefully you can shorten the odds on having too many fails by narrowing down the sorts of thing you like / might work for you. Good luck with it all, and be sure to post some pics in WAYWT thread - you'll be surprised how much your look will change over a couple of years.

PS - Good skills re the weight loss BTW - loosing excess weight and getting fit is part of the deal, not just new clothes. If you get your cr_p in the right bucket, you'll probably meet a nice classy lady! Worked for me anyway, very happy now. Don't know what your digs are like, but getting the interior decor sorted works wonders too. Again, that takes a bit of thinking about. I started off looking at modern minimalist, careened through Scandanavian mid-century, and ended up with Morrocan / campaign outpost of empire... Anyway, if you really want to start an argument on these forums go to Mens Clothing and criticise someones sofa or desk.
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I highly reccomend checking out Put This On. Jesse's practical advice on men's fashion has been very helpful to me. Start here.

I wouldn't be caught dead buying boot cut jeans but after trying on a pair of Wrangler 47MWZ on a whim, I am a convert. The flare is subtle. I now prefer raw Wrangler to 501xx.
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a picture of you, along with your age would def help. If you're over 30, (sounds like you are) I would suggest against sneakers like chucks/purcells etc. I'd say wear boots or some dress shoes..
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