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I'd actually stay away from the forum - WAY too many opinions here on topics that you're likely not concerned with at the moment. For instance, if you want to discuss, argue, and pontificate about which slim fit chino fits best - the narrowest leg opening, trimmest thigh and seat, etc., - and has the most authentic khaki color, whether and how often you should wash your raw denim and how to do it, and whether your investment in Alden's should include shell longwings or calkskin, this might be your place. Not disrespecting the discussions on the above-mentioned topics, but it's just not necessary. Start with the basics, then go from there....

To figure out the basics, I'd stick to magazines, catalogs, and window shopping (online and in store) for starters. Seems you've already found something you like at Express - take a look at catalogs or websites for J Crew, the Gap, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Urban Outfitters, Eddie Bauer, whatever... and grab a few of the typical men's magazines you find at the grocery store. You're in Cleveland, and while you no longer have Le Bron and it isn't NYC, you most certainly have access to some decent stores.

And make sure and get out to the stores and try some stuff might look good on a model in the catalog or on the website, but a certain look or fit might not be for you. Figure out what works, and then start opening up your wallet...
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Originally Posted by dmash1080 View Post
Here, blunt and to the point.

1. Those steve maddens are fucking garbage and look horrible.
2. Boot cut jeans are absolutely whack
3. Don't drop a shit ton of money on clothes that you're just going to end up returning (I know from experience) because you're not sure what aesthetic you're going for right now. You admitted you're just now really caring about your appearance.
4. Seriously, just glance the forum for WEEKS and really start to develop a look and see what brands you like. Then start piecing together a couple of things here and there.


Seriously OP don't buy what you like. Just read this board for weeks.
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Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES View Post

Seriously OP don't buy what you like. Just read this board for weeks.

agree w/ the above advice

when you acquire a taste for nice things, you don't want to be left w/ a closet full of mall clothes you'll never wear again

And if you spend enough time around here, you will certainly acquire a distaste for Steve Madden, Express, etc
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Originally Posted by BrownieElf View Post
WTF? really?

I'm just asking simple questions, trying to get a handle on this stuff.

Send me $670 and i'll buy a pair...they look sweet too.

You did read the part where i'm divorced right? I'm more concerned with advice on types of shoes. Is there some kind of hard and fast rule that if you wear boot-cut, that you have to wear boots?

What does being divorced have to do with anything?
You could answer your own question by thinking for 30 seconds, or looking at any of the pics on this board.
Which would also help with the "what goes with what" question.
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I'd like to thank everyone for the replies so far.

dmash...i can see what you mean about the steve madden's....both pairs are around a year old, and both look ok, but they don't hold a candle to how the quality looks on those Mercanti Fiorentini's i bought.

The bottom line right now though is i HAVE two pairs of steve maddens...ditching them would be like the Cleveland Browns saying they should get another left tackle...when the rest of the team (my wardrobe) sucks.

When you say boot cut jeans are whack...forgive me for being a noob, but you mean what exactly? They suck? You don't like them? Or nobody but me is wearing them?

I am going to take your advice and look around the forum, and slow down alittle. You guys are on a total different level. I wouldn't mind working at getting there one day.

I think my biggest problem is what style am I?

I sort of want to build a few different looks based off what i have now, and go from there. Maybe i should have been posting the shoes i was looking at and ask what you wear with them. I could take them back, and ramp would have suggested something lighter in color.

and btw if that girl in your avatar isn't your mother or your girl friend...where can i find her
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Seriously, the Steve Maddens don't look ok, they look absolutely horrible.

Bootcuts are a no go. Get straight leg, why get that stupid flare? It looks tacky.

What are you trying to build up? A dress wardrobe or a casual wardrobe? How old are you? If you're a 21 year old divorcee, basic tees, jeans and chucks are basic casual. If you're 30, button downs and chinos are casual.
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vespajg...i see your point, and i have been doing that for the last few months. What i lack though is for lack of a better word, a guide to whats what. I think t-shirts, boot-cut jeans, and dress shoes (those maddens) looks good....that don't mean its right, or that it does...thats what i've worn for the better part of a year, with a few other types of shirts, sweaters mixed in. All with a brown leather jacket from kohls over the winter. I bought that suit from express (and i'm sure its not the greatest) mostly for the jacket, because of looking at web sites....figured i could mix solid color t-shirts with it, or a casual dress shirt. I even went back and bought the matching pants, so i would have a suit if needed. The guy i spoke with at nordstrom gave me some ideas, and i liked his shoes, so i found a similar pair that i could afford...started researching what i could wear with them, and it led me to an archived post from here. I literally have 3 pairs of jeans that are "whacked" maybe 10 t-shirts (black, white, earth tones) no dress shirts since the damn thing shrank..well i did buy one from some english designer from nordstrom, but its in the mail. That suit i posted from express, those Italian wing tip oxfords, and 2 pair of dockers true chino's that still have tags on them. I have to wear something while i learn. Nothing beats human input, as apposed to marketing imo.
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I'm 40. I got the boot cut because the straight cut jeans are always tight around my calves. Maybe thats normal, it just bugs me. I always thought that flair looked cool. As far as the wardrobe goes, i'm a firefighter. So i don't dress up i should start with casual first, but with things in mind that can be more formal if possible. I like the light blazer look with colored t-shirts, or dress shirts underneath. I have a brown Italian leather jacket that i just got fixed thats sheepskin. I like the look of the military jackets, but have no idea what would go with them. I also don't have any shorts that fit, so i might go with those chino's, but i don't know what goes with those either. How would those oxfords be classified? Could i wear them with straight jeans, and that blazer? With a t-shirt, or dress shirt?
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OP - You sound a bit like me, divorced (37) and hadn't paid attention to clothes for years cos ex-wife was a handbrake and very different ideas from me. My tips:

1. You will probably lose weight now you can get back into having a "life" and exercising. Don't buy too big (except for shoes, cos people often buy too small).

2. You will experiment with different styles, and have some "fails" along the way. Don't ask me about the time I got white jeans...

3. Think about the things you liked when you were much younger: you won't necessarily dress the same way, but they may provide some cues. "Who" you are doesn't really change. For me, tweed, brogues, chucks, skinnies and preppy. did i mention brogues? Sounds odd but it sort of works. Varsity jacket was in storage for 20 years...

4. Work out the basics of dressing well, including which silhouettes / colours / styles are flattering and befit your age and status. V-neck tees and sweaters are good. Avoid hip flair on jeans/pants. For an older gent remember: colours should get more neutral as you age, and patterns smaller. If you wear a statement piece or colour, don't crowd it out with other standout things. Dressing like a scenester kid will make you look like a dork. Dump the bright ties.

5. Focus on quality pieces which fit well, rather than quantity. Everyone says this, but of course no-one does it, until they go through the phase of buying / trying everything.

6. Look at street fashion / style blogs (including this forum) and collect pics of looks that you like or think work well. Not copying as such but getting your eye in on what sorts of combinations and styles work. It's also more the attidude of the wearer. You wear the clothes, not the other way around.

7. KISS: classic jeans (Levis are great IMO), slim tees and chucks work. Slim pants, fitted sport jacket, nice shoes work. Pea coats work. Varsity jackets work. Cords work. Chinos and deck shoes work. Plaid shirt and boots work (sort of).

8. Befriend a good tailor: small alterations to jackets, shirts, pants, and proper hemming for the type of jeans / pants, make a world of difference for almost no extra cost.

9. Be yourself and go for it. Might be the last chance you get. Have some fun. Smile.
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meso, it was put to me to just get those boots. Period. I then asked a question about boots, or alternatives, and got WTF. I didn't get an explanation, or understanding so to speak of why. My shoes are too slim, or you only wear boots with bootcut, or you have to wear a bigger bulkier shoe to pull it off. Maybe i read to much into it. I joined the forum because the archived threads i read were full of information and explanations...i was met with a few one liners, and no explanations. And again, point taken...i am going to look around. I need a better understanding of whats goes with what, then i can start looking at quality too.
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lol gutman... I had to google...tweed, chucks, and brogues...among other things too. I have no tweed, although some of the blazers look cool.....i have a wool one, from when i was younger (risky business type of look) don't know if thats out of style or not. Chucks...are you talking about converse shoes? I always liked the look of those too...and bought a pair once....they killed my feet with no arch support...are there similar shoes like that with better support? the only athletic shoes i have are a pair of while new balance. Brogues....searching for that showed boots and shoes....some were wingtip....would those oxfords i bought be considered brogues? I already screwed up and bought too big...started out in 42 i'm a 31-33 depending on the brand...mostly 32's....t-shirts went from XXL to M I bought clothes a few times along the way, cause i didn't know where it would end.....evidently my ex weighs 83 pounds. I had to google pea coat too....think i have brother gave me a jacket says weatherproof garment 85% wool single row of buttons. What is hip flair?
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Just wanted to mention that I sent you a PM with some thoughts on shoes/boots to help get you started. Thought it was worth letting you know in the thread in case you didn't know that there's a PM system since you're new.
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Do more research to get an idea of what you want and how much it will cost. You have got some good advice from the previous posters here.
post #29 of 39 released a style bible that you can torrent (why buy it when you can steal it? harvard supports piracy!) The guide is pretty thorough, I would highly advise looking there first. For shoes look for a goodyear welt, you can get them resoled and they can last you your entire life. This is where you'll want to splurge on your wardrobe. The Wolverine 1000 mile collection is a nice place to start. Clarks desert boots are a great choice too. You can wear oxfords with jeans, they are casual shoes. Alot of style-centric magazines say to look for straight leg jeans GQ also has an whole article about jeans GAP sells cheap selvedge jeans. Levis 511s are well fitted cheap skinny jeans. I personally like 511s and APCs. Military jackets are a great way to punch up casual style, wear them T-shirts level casuality (might not be a word) Alpha industries makes alot of military jackets, personally I don't like them. SOD gear and Arktis make really badass military jackets. SOD and Arktis are really well designed. Also note that alot of things in civillian society (peacoats, flip flops, desert boots, trench coats, zoot suits, commando sweaters) came from the World Wars, so military surplus stores are a great place to look. Your probably on a budget, this can help as to where to look. Don't mind the arrogant assholes here, Thank you for your service to this country and Welcome to SF.
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I hate how these types of threads turn out to be "If you're ___ years old you should wear ___" or something to that effect. For all we know he could be a lifelong badass motherfucker who would look right at home in badass shit.
OP just don't overthink it too much. I know you want help but hanging out here can seriously mess with your head if you don't already have a good idea of what you're after. I could tell you to stock up on "basics" but you probably don't even know what that means (no offense). Lots of members here have styles that the general public would not appreciate. Going from not caring to reading this forum is a huge jump, but good luck and don't take anyone too seriously.
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