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Funny, but the people posting on that thread are lame. For being "apparently" members of the riche avant-garde, they seem rather oblivious when it comes to understanding the difference between style and fashion. If you cannot differentiate between what is the proper way to wear a clothing item that has been around for over half a century and what is the improper way to wear it, how can you possibly show superiority over other people who have the wisdom to make such an easy distinction? Money does not grant the power to make such a distinction, common sense does, which is something you either have or you do not, no amount of money will help you gain it. Jon.
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You consider yourself a man of rationAL thought (not rationALE, you fucking moron)
I thought it was "rational." Anyway, I would never pop a polo collar, but on my campus the frat guys all wear American Eagle and Abercrombie, not Lacoste or RL. I think popped polos look horrible, but i there was a frat on my campus that thought they were going to be "original" or "have their own look" by popping their Lacoste collars, I would make sure to wear a polo every day and pop the collar I do have a pink dress shirt, I pop the collar of it when I go to shows, usually. I have pale skin, and it looks almost Scissorhands, or Robert-Smith esque, and I rather like it. I don't try to pull it off seriously... it's like a joke, because that's what I am - a joker. I hope no one hates me now
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Didn't Aunt Martha tell you? Intelligence is consolation for the poor. Given the choice of being ultra-rich or intelligent, I pick rich. Rich and immoral - that's the way to go.
No consolation prize for you, certainly.
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I like that thread.  It proves once and for all that people do indeed get more intelligent as they get older.  Either that, or they become I-bankers, financial consultants, or the chairman of a trust fund.
Not every single person working with I-banking is a greedy little sh&t with the IQ of a carrot, some of us actually went to business school in Canada where ethics is still a part of the curriculum...
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distinction: "popping" your collar is not the same as wearing your collar turned up. you've already seen pics of wearing your collar turned up...THIS is popping ya collar:
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Are we still on this subject? I have a compromise that might make everybody happy: how about we bring back the trend of wearing sports coat / sports jacket? That way not only will everyone look good, but as well people can "pop" the lapels upward, and the coat / jacket will still look good. Also, no one will fall onto "clueless, I'm trying way too hard to look different / trying to look cool" breach anymore. Jon.
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Here's a smooth collar-up look (love the jacket too): source: Saks Web site (John Varvatos)
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If you want to cover your neck, wouldn't the turtleneck provide the most elegant solution? Jon.
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Turtlenecks are warm. Flipping up your collar against sun is wise if you get hit suddenly by sun and didn't prepare. It will keep you from getting burned. However wearing it all the time as an affectation usually looks ridiculous IMO.
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Anti-Popped Collar Club This is hillarious.
Sign me up, haha. The flipped up collar is a look that is too widespread on Tulane's campus. I sure wish the two guys that robbed me knew that displaying "collar foldage" was for poor people, because I was wearing a polo how I always do (in the traditional folded style). Maybe then, they would've ignored me and kept searching for someone with a flipped collar... {sigh}
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