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Just bumping this thread as I'm thinking of ordering from these guys.

Any recommendations re fabrics, collars, buttons, special instructions when ordering?
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I ordered a test shirt from their cheapest range. I really enjoy the fabric.


Previously, I had tried to order a shirt from Tailorstore so I submitted the same measurements as that shirt. Unfortunately, for the Nialma shirt, I added darts to the back which made the shirt tighter than the Tailorstore shirt (which fit-wise was good). I had to remove the darts myself but then the shirt was very fit-wise too. 


I have just ordered two black label (Thomas Mason) shirts from Nialma today. I should get them within two weeks. This time, I added some width to cope with the darts.


I moved from Tailorstore to Nialma based on the fabric. The Tailorstore fabric from their high end shirting material is poor. It wrinkles very easily, is hard to iron and feels rather cheap. The buttons are too cheap even though I selected mother of pearl-buttons. This is a pity since they fit-wise are good.


I will provide additional details on the new Thomas Mason shirts from Nialma but I do believe that I will be satisfied. I think I paid a little over $220 for 2 shirts with their campaign "2blacklabelshirts".

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I ordered some weeks ago from them. Last week I received the test shirt, which is from their Premium line. I was amazed on how good the fit was, specially considering it's the first time I order from them. The fabric is just nice, like most shirts in the 100 - 150 US$ range.
I'm now waiting for the rest, which are Black Label so I expect them to be even better. I'll update this thread when I get them.
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yeap, I just got my test shirt, thomas mason based on another shirt i have.

pretty bang on except armholes are slightly too tight, i think its my fault.

satisfied at the moment, i'll give it a couple washes first and then post a full review and pics
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Here's some pics from another thread (First Test shirt/Black Label Thomas Mason)





Can any shirt experts tell me what's causing the pulling under the armpit?

The armpit feels quite snug, but I'm not sure if it's moreso the armhole or the chest i need to let out.

Other than the slight pulling there, I'm pretty happy with the shirt, service and turnaround time. If I can nail the fit I will be ordering many more.
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Originally Posted by ruzzi View Post

Can any shirt experts tell me what's causing the pulling under the armpit?
The armpit feels quite snug, but I'm not sure if it's moreso the armhole or the chest i need to let out.
I would try letting out the chest - that's where it seems to be tight - and taking in the waist a bit. Also, do you think the sleeves might need to be lengthened a touch?
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Review of my first shirt:


- Thomas Mason Silverline Fabric feels nice. I didn't realise but you get thick shell buttons standard with black label. I paid extra for them but got a refund.
- Generally, very happy with fit. I measured the armholes too tight and sleeve a smidgen short and have made adjustments for my next shirt.
- For AUD$120/shirt using the 4 for 3 deal I think it is a reasonable price. I know there's cheaper places but I want TM silverline fabrics. Stuart also has fabrics offline if there's something you're after. I could go to Herringbone but them I'm trusting a store assistant who's just been freshly trained. I'd rather make my own adjustments as I feel I'm 95% there already.


- Asked for split yoke, didn't get it
- One of the wristcuff buttonholes has come apart from the fabric so there's like a second hole next to the button hole now.

I've addressed both of these issues with Stuart, who always responds promptly and has given me complimentary shipping on the other shirts (i've asked for them 1 by 1), due to minor problems with order. I guess we'll see what happens with the next few.

I think the big pluses for Nialma are turnaround time, fabric and sizing is spot on (i remeasured the shirt and its exactly to all my measurements which included armhole, bicep, forearm). However, quality wise I think they're just good, not great.

I'll provide further review and photos upon receiving the other 3 shirts.
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anyone ordered from nialma lately? im deciding whether to order another 4 thomas mason shirts. the fit is 90% there for me but something about the armpit is bothering me still. love the fabrics though and for $120 each its hard to beat.
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I got two new shirts the other day from their premium line. I like the fit. I don't think that they hold up to the quality of the Eton shirts I can find in Stockholm, however. But then again, an Eton shirt retails at $180 in Stockholm and the two I got from Nialma lately were $90 each. I would use Nialma again but I would actually like to find an even more high end mtm service.

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I just received the second of two shirts I ordered from Nialma and must say I am extremely impressed with the quality as well as well as the fit of the shirts. The collar on the first shirt wasn't quite as spread as I wanted so I let Stuart know and he sent me a new collar a new collar to swap out the old collar. The fabrics I selected were from the premium line and are very soft. I will definitely be ordering more shirts from them.
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Just wanted to share my bad experience with Nialma, in case anyone was on the fence from ordering from Nialma, and I can help avoid disappointment.  Nice guys and responsive to emails, but they simply never fulfilled my order :brick:


Here's my timeline of events

December 22nd: Placed order.  Mailed custom buttons  
March 3rd: Emailed to check on order; also asked whether buttons arrived
March 4th: Received response: "The shirts are close to finishing."  Confirmed buttons arrived.
April 15th: Emailed to check on order
April 18th: Received response: "They definitely should be with you now - I have just sent the request to the shipping company."
May 2nd: Emailed to check on order
May 5th: Recieved response: "I don't know what to say but I have not forgotten you here and will get this resolved."
May 19th: Emailed to check on order
May 20th: Received response: "I will resolve the situation as a matter of urgency when I get to the office tomorrow morning."
May 21st: Proactively received email saying that shirts will be with me soon, but they will offer refund instead if that is my preference
May 21st: I ask for refund
May 26th: Nialma says they will issue refund
May 31: *waiting for refund*

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