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OK - just went to look for the source of that quote - and it's a little embarrassing. It's from the moron who wrote "the 4 hour work week". That certainly detracts, although I do think the principle holds to some degree. Not everybody is equal.
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Originally Posted by ChicagoRon View Post
Not offended, but it is pretty true in my experience. The least productive workers spend a lot of time derailing the train, by messing stuff up, asking too many questions, etc. If you lead a team, you have a go-to person who you give the important stuff to, and you keep everyone else out of that person's way. The actual % numbers are arbitrary... but... not everybody is a genius.

I've noticed this in meetings. The most useless staff member insists on asking a dozen questions and coming up with silly, unworkable solutions to problems. One of the many reasons I hate going to any meeting with more than 5 or 6 people in attendance.
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Of course not everyone is equal, and different people in different positions create more or less value for the organization. That ideally explains differences in salary, sometimes huge differences in salary. But the lower-paid people are not just being kept out of the way... they're creating their own value and working very hard too.
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