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About a week ago I got my first pair of rimless glasses, after having used half-rimmed for some years. The frame is a Tag Heuer one, I think it is the track series that you can see on http://www.tagheuer.com/eyewear/, similar to model 7103, but with grey sidepieces.
I am pretty happy with it, I like the way it looks, although I think that my previous frame, a Mont Blanc one, sat more reliably.
Of course, after about two weeks I cannot say a lot about durability, but the guy who owns to store said that there should be no problem. I have been a client there for some years so I guess that he will not tell me bullshit and run the risk to loose a good customer.
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Love rimless glasses. I've worn Silhouette and Kawasaki and have been happy with both. They're so light I don'teven notice that I'm wearing glasses.
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Well, I sprung for the Silhouettes. Got a medium-sized square lens with the super-bendy stems. Pretty pleased, even though they were pricey even with insurance. But I like them a lot.
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I think they are awesome and very classy.
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I love the light weight but I have not had good luck with them. Mine have tended to crack at all of the connection points.
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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
Thanks all, I think I'll try on some Silhouettes. PSG, thanks for the Kawasaki recommendation...but Sarah Palin wears those.

The 631's???? Say it isn't so....

actually I thought she wore another brand with a ribbon width of stainless or aluminum from the lens to the ear.
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Originally Posted by Loathing View Post

How could anyone say Oliver People's frames look like Harry Potter's? That's the most stupid thing I've heard in weeks.

I hear this daily with my Rileys

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I really like my Savile Row Diaflex High Joints with cable temples.









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