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Platinum is great and looks good if you don't wear it constantly.  I have a 4mm Platinum band and also a cheap everyday 4mm Titanium band.


I prefer a thinner band because it doesn't feel like it's there.  Platinum will be heavier.  If you have a larger band you'll feel it on your hand.

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People have been wearing yellow gold wedding bands for thousands of years. This white gold thing is going to pass. Yellow gold will always be "El Classico".

I think a wedding ring looks very masculine if it's just a plain ring with no bling bling. I can see your aversion to diamonds, I would never wear diamonds myself. Maybe when I become Emperor of the World though. I would wear a gigantic diamond crown and call it the Peace Maker. But I think this might be a few years away.

+1. I'm not married, but to me, there is no question what I will pick. I think the only wiggle room you have is a bit of space and size (but not really much). Just as with black tie, this is one area where you simply should go with the classic, period.
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