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Originally Posted by freedom_fries View Post

i do think pink shirts are nicer than tm lewin, but they're also considerably more expensive, even when deeply discounted. i recently switched from bb to charles tyrwhitt for my dailys, as they're easier for me to get on a regular basis in europe. jury is still out.

I've wore CT tailored fit shirts for about 18 months now - I think for the money they are pretty good (TM Lewin don't fit me as well and the collar points are too big for my face)
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Any word on the Incotex he was wearing in the film? Were they incochinos or comfort chino?
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Originally Posted by ThinkDerm View Post

he was wearing incotex during several scenes


edit: I thought you were joking. How do you know he was wearing incotex?
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Originally Posted by Rory View Post

Actuall, I think this is the shirt:


The Kingsley Twill Shirt. If it isn't the shirt, it's certainly very close.

more then likely this. the other one has white buttons, where as the one from the movie has blue ones.
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Originally Posted by lbcgav View Post

Those aren't the same shirt. The placket stitching is wider on the one he's wearing compared to the Thomas Pink one.


They are not the same shirt. Very very very very very similar. They are most likely both made by Thomas Pink even. But its not the same shirt. Placket stitching is clearly closer to the edges, where the RTW Pink one is very close to the button. You'd have to be clearly blind to argue that.
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I've got the boxer-briefs he was wearing in the film. They're crotchless, so it's not weird or anything.
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Could anyone tell me what kind of black fleece jacket he was wearing in the film?

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Not to crap on the OP's thread - somewhat related, does anyone know what cap toes Cooper had on in the movie? Were they Tom Fords as well?
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what black fleece jacket does bradley cooper wear in the limitless movie?

he wears it when he sees his former girlfriend melissa and they talk about nzt and its side effects

also where did he get his leather jacket from which he wears after his makeover?

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hell, at least post some pics
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