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^ Cut the sleeves off and replace them with leather ones.
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considered that, too hard, synth said that before. Do you guys reckon I could dye each sleeve a colour? If so how should I do that, like stopping the dye from going past the sleeves. Should I remove them :S and then do it?

I bought $5 sweats pants and shirts to do random stuff to.
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Question: Does clipping the collar and cuffs off a long-sleeve polo make for a serviceable henley approximation? I have two L L Bean long sleeve polos that are near 6 years old and have been worn maybe twice each. They're smalls but too big on me to wear without looking a bit unkempt. So my theory is, I might as well get some use out of them for layering/collarless pursuits. So has any one tried this before? Does it look completely ridiculous or is this something I can get away with/possibly be happy about? Is it doomed to fail?
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Work in progress. Yeeeeeaaaaah.
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Thats heaps good. How did you learn? Internet? Book?
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^ Thanks, I learned the basics from my ex, the rest from internet videos. There's a lot of repetition involved, so once you figure out how to not mess up the basics it's pretty easy. As per Drew's advice I had a look at some patterns from japan. Those guys are fucking crazy. The patterns are really nice, but it's like they never hold back. Crazy techniques all over them, some I've never seen before. And their symbol guides suck: What is this shit?
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I've been thinking about trying to make my own cardigan but after seeing the indecipherable pic above I'm totally discouraged.
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Gawd, no wonder knits are so goddamn expensive.
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^^ Unless you learn to knit and find that you really enjoy it I wouldn't recommend it. Enough (nice) materials to make a sweater can be anywhere from $40-200+, and then you have to factor in the time it'll take to complete. A hat can be done in a weekend, if you're fast. Socks in maybe a week. A sweater would be quite a bit longer, as you might imagine. It's hard, for me at least, to find a pattern that's both interesting and within my skills. Can't make it boring if you're going to be with a project for a long time.
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How long do you knit a day? Watching TV or somethign doesn't it get boring after a while?
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Subscribed! I have a few things to contribute...will have to find pics. Some that I can think of: -Dyed a pair of prescription sunglasses orange (a favorite of mine, and the color of my cycling team) but they broke while I was playing tennis a few weeks ago so I can't take pics. -Dyed a cotton field jacket. Was going to make it a waxed cotton jacket (that is a good thread to link to here if the pictures are still alive...) but decided I liked it how it was. -Made some slim cuffed shorts out of some thrifted pants.
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Originally Posted by xCrunchx View Post
How long do you knit a day? Watching TV or somethign doesn't it get boring after a while?

The times I posted above are probably only accurate if you're really going for it, knitting a few hours a day. Obviously I don't do that, though. An hour would be a really productive day for me. Like I said earlier, it's really not worth it from an efficiency standpoint. Buying what you want is almost always cheaper and easier. But it is entertaining/relaxing, and if you enjoy it, why not?
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So far this summer my DIY has consisted of:

cutting drkshdw combo pants into shorts

cutting rick swing shorts into shorter swing shorts

cutting the sleeves off a pleasure principle hoodie

I shouldn't be allowed near scissors.
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I could have sworn you did the same with silent pants too ?
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Oh right. Those got turned into shorts.
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