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So I am going through with the painting tux with gesso idea, we'll see what happens. 


Given that it is my first time working with the stuff (I'm no artist), I figured I'd experiment on a pair of shitty but clean supra's that were given to me by an ex and have been relegated to the dusty netherrealms of my closet ever since. 









Considering how absolutely shitastic they looked beforehand, its a great improvement in my opinion. I just wish I had gone lighter with the paint initially so it looks like I'll have to do some sanding.


Think I've got the bug, now all I see are things I want to slather in paint (because Margiela). 

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You're painting a tux? That sounds dangerous.
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I dip-dyed two t-shirts, and then I did the polo too because I don't wear polos anymore and I wanted to see if I could make it into something I would wear again.

I used black Tulip fabric dye, prepared it on the stove according to the instructions on the package. Then I wet the shirt, dipped it in the dye up to the spot I wanted it to be dyed, then pulled it out a few inches back and let it sit in there for five or ten minutes, then pulled it back out a few more inches and left it in ten more minutes, and then rinsed it and dried it upside down on my towel rack.

The polo I just laid on a trash bag, so there are spots of dye on the back where there isn't supposed to be any because the dye would drip off the shirt and then pool on the bag and get re-absorbed into the shirt.

I also cut the hem off of the shirt with the white hem to make it shorter and curved.
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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post


the polo's pretty cool

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Those painted shoes are hella cool - I guess I've got the Margiela bug too. Does the gesso eventually chip off/fade and break down in a nice way? I did the soles of a pair of shoes with gold acrylic and I've found it kinda peels and comes off in little balls and is gross.

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Those dip dyes are cool. Now all you need is some sort of machine that slowly retracts the garment out of the dye. 

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Those look great caseyfud.
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not that DIY since its just shoe polish, but I have these paul smith boots that looked a bit anemic, so I bought some orange shoe cream (Woly brand 'cayenne' color) and polished them a bit orange.




I'm happy with the results, they didn't go as orange as I thought they would (the shoe cream is very bright orange) but they definitely look more lively and less 'bland' now.

Yes, I was kind of trying to jack synthese's orange MMM's
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max, those look great
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Used the second packet of dye on my converse, currently waiting for them to dry. Also started work on a pair or sandals, but I can't find any rubber to use for the soles.
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I kind of want to overdye my EG paisley baker with navy dye.

Would this be a terrible idea?

Would the pattern survive?

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I wouldn't do it. That jacket is nice. Yes I do think the pattern would survive. Someone dyed some leopard print pants on here before and the spots survived.
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Trying to do a patina on some crappy loafers...the outcome also kinda crappy facepalm.gif

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Bonus points for effort. I didn't even know it was possible to strip black leather.

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