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Originally Posted by nomad View Post
lee riders jacket, overdyed black, waxed with calf sleeves

Where'd you get leather sleeves I was hoping TOJ could hook up lamb sleeves on mine because I can't attach them nor match TOJ craftsmanship.

Also I cut some jeans into shorts jorts were pretty popular on SF a few years ago right haha
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some of my diy-ers

diy dip dye

diy Margiela nail ring

ya I know the nail is not the same kind, I like this better

diy OF shirt
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This summer I'm going to have a bit more money and a lot more time, so I'm going to embark on a relatively big DIY project. I've been knitting for a few months now, but I've yet to make a sweater, so I'm going to start on a cardigan for myself.

The issues here are twofold:
1. There aren't many knitting patterns for men's things
2. Those that exist tend to think Small = US 40 or so.

So, I'm going to use a women's pattern, modified in a few ways.

It looks like this:

Shoulder Detail

Modifications will include:
-Removing shaping
-Tapering sleeves
-Adding a closing mechanism (I hate open cardigans, I'll probably add toggles or buttons)
-Changing the back piece. I don't like the lattice things in the standard pattern, so I'll probably do one giant cable up the back
-Adjusting lengths as needed

Am I crazy for thinking this is a good idea?

Also, what color should it be?

The yarn I've picked out is 30% Alpaca / 45% Merino / 15% Silk / 10% Donegal so it should be bulky/warm as hell.
Colors I'm considering are:


Malted Cocoa


So yeah. This should be an adventure.
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Malted cocoa looks great, go with that one. Take pictures throughout man, that's a pretty awesome project.
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I kind of like the berry colour too, though a slightly darker shade would be nicer IMO.
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jet says natural
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natural, though berry is very nice also.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by thatoneguy View Post
some of my diy-ers

diy dip dye

diy Margiela nail ring

ya I know the nail is not the same kind, I like this better

diy OF shirt

That dip dye is pretty cool how'd you do it ?
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just left the bottom half in a bucket of bleach+water overnight, I didn't want the bleached part to go that high but the shirt slowly soaked up the bleach so keep that in mind
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thinking of painting the nicholas and mark shirt (off white) in my sales thread all white...

sort of a helmut lang-jean concept, i want this stuff to be caked on

what type of paint should i use? should i take a paintbrush to it, or just dip the thing in a bucket??
will it stain other garments(outerwear) over time?

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I would brush on several coats of latex-based house paint. It will probably take quite a bit to get your desired texture, but I know house paint doesn't bleed on to other garments in the wash. I made several awful striped t-shirts and used all sorts of paint (spray paint, you name it) and then finally used some old house paint. It holds up really well.
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what about toxins?(0)
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The leather portion of my gats are falling apart so I'm going to paint them this weekend if I find the time. Hmm what color should I use?
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Less exotic than some other posts but... Anyone have any basic sewing tutorials? Particularly for bringing in shirts? More than any other investment, a sewing machine and tailored shirts would really help out my wardrobe. I have a huge drop (I'm 5.7 and 150 - bulked from 125) which means when I buy button downs that fit my shoulders the lower back balloons out and looks sloppy. Along with darting, I saw something on here before about taking in the sides as a more subtle way of tailoring. I'd love to buy a sewing machine and get too it but could use some guidance.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post
Love it, Sipang. Can't wait to see pantser's entries. Here are a few of mine:

Bleached APC jeans (see waywt)

Edit: I don't remember the ratio of bleach to water that I used, but it was pretty strong. You can always add more bleach to your water bath. I left these folded up in a bucket for about 3 days, and refreshed the water/bleach mixture about 3 times.

Gold leaf Mezlan lace-ups

Soaked/distressed F+B boots

Other things have included button downs with the sleeves removed, shredded AA tanks, and who knows what else. I'll be sure to try some more stuff this summer, including (hopefully) the incredibly late completion of the fremen cloak.

*Pukes everywhere.
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