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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

smile.gif Thanks, t_s. Just saw the link in the other thread.

Which other thread?
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Originally Posted by tween_spirit View Post

Which other thread?

I guess I could have been a bit more specific...
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i have this idea to paint white jeans with clear gloss medium. or like a gloss clear coat. need cheap white jeans to try it on.
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levis, urban, american apparel
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It is probably not a good thing that I found that paint. I have already splashed it on a pair of trainers as well...Must....Not...Paint...Canvas...Boots....
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i want to submerge some 10-hole docs
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I'm all for that, but man, I kind of hate doc martens. I think I pretty much only like them on patrik ervell, and I still don't really like them.
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they're pretty fun to stomp around in all unlaced and obnoxious. i imagine it's kind of like dunks where you look down and you're like what the hell is that monstrosity on my feet!
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Synth I like that you couldn't find enough white clothing so you just decided to paint errythang

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post


More pics and details (i.e. what jeans, what paint, etc.). It's nice out now and I feel like being obnoxious all spring and summer with light denim paired with high tops and retarded tees or tank tops.
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Let's see, old 7fam carrot fit jeans from an ex girlfriend, not sure of the fit because i just covered it with paint; latex exterior house paint in blindingly white white (I think, I hope). I need some more projects. the jeans should work OK with the paint since they're on the looser side, and I'm betting that the paint will stiffen them up. I will have to see if it takes multiple coats or what, because currently it's really soaking into the fabric. I should have gone to art school or something, I've spent the last half hour doodling inside my jeans.
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I tried that a few years ago with latex based paint (2 coats) and they do become like cardboard. Also they trap heat so I never ended up wearing them as the idea was to wear them in the summer. Maybe you could tough it out. The texture is kind of similar to the N&F reverse fades just heavier.
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We'll see - maybe they'll become perforated as well happy.gif
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