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Yes to all the above, thread does not live to its full potential !

Originally Posted by sipang View Post

A time for leather sleeved RLBL blazers, pillowcase tees and nylon djellabas, machine washed monks and cut out oxfords, dyed, bleached, paint splattered anything
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anyone has a good link to make patterns?
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synth is the only one doing crazy stuff. someone try gradient dying something
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hopefully I'll get my nose to the grindstone this weekend...will post
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Originally Posted by clark kent View Post

i saw this on another website. though some consider it "cheating" i thought it was a cool way of distressing raw denim. he also does a quick instruction on waxing which ill probably end up doing soon too.

Ugh. Not buying raw denims to do this to... might do to a pair of normal dark jeans if I can find for cheap. Of course, I threw out a pair of decently sized jeans a year or two ago because I spilled HCl on them, which would be like, so unique and shit.

Or would this epically not work because I am le novice to not fvcking up raw denim?
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stumbled upon this while looking for laundering tips; the result is pretty cool. i always wanted one of those christopher kane galaxy tees for layering so this looks like a pretty cool DIY alternative.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

this came in this morning, really excited--so any ideas how to repair? i believe some extra denim scrap will be arriving as well, but not an actual kit.
repair kit came from ny, the scrap denim may come directly from europe somewhere (forgot where nudies are made)
came with: thread, denim scrap, sand paper, buttons, and a cool tin to carry it all. all in all it was a nice little surprise redface.gif Everything was hand written as well
Going to repair that area with the smiley face

I was thinking about just completely cutting out the shaded area then sew in the denim from the inside then sand it down or let it fade naturally.

any ideas? Alternatively is to ship it to a denim repair shop
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last night I started what may be my most ambitious clothing mod, turned out OK so far.

i was trying to emulate this HL coat:


I had a light navy mac made by martin and osa that I used as a base. I finished one arm yesterday, it was a bitch because I didn't want to sew down the liner inside. sorta subtle because the navy and black are so close in color, but the effect turned out pretty good. I ended up sewing the insert around all the edges, unlike the HL piece. The cut-out is pretty much perfect, looks a little crooked in the pic though.

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Nice dude. Full pics soon?
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indeed. i wanna try to get the second arm done this weekend then I'll get some pics. I also want to get silver zips put on the cuffs, but I think I'll have a tailor do it because I am worried about fucking up the liner. I'm a sewing newb.
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like I said, the effect is subtle because of the colors...

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alright, the next victims are the following. Not technically DIY because I am going to have a leather tailor do it. Gonna attach these sleeves to this vest. WUUT

I will hopefully also finish the mac this weekend.

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Originally Posted by xCrunchx View Post

synth is the only one doing crazy stuff. someone try gradient dying something

I have a pair of old jeans I was thinking of dip-bleaching, but I don't know how to do anything cuz I'm a DIY noob lol.

I'm also not 100% sure what I want to do with the jeans. They need to be dyed first because they've faded in a way that I really don't like, and then I've saved tons of images of DIY inspiration.


I will def post when I get around to DIYing them.

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Now everyone can be (almost) as cool as NOBD with a lower barrier of entry
Originally Posted by NYtimes 
David Foxley started the prep company Jack Foxley to service all men whose well-worn sweaters and jackets are in need of some love. Offering sew-on-yourself leather, suede and wax cotton elbow patches in rich colors like chocolate brown, cobalt (Turkey Pond blue, he calls it), orange and green ($12 per set, plus $3 for shipping), Foxley makes mending one’s favorite blazer or cardigan easier, chicer and more affordable. No more bad pleather patches from the corner tailor. “I’ve received orders from college professors in New England and military colonels in North Carolina,” says Foxley, who works a second shift as an assistant editor at Vanity Fair. “The list of characters is long, and their correspondence is strikingly colorful.” Send him a garment and, for a tailoring fee of about $50, Foxley and his crew will do it all — fit, sew and ship it back within two weeks. Handwritten note included.
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smile.gif Thanks, t_s. Just saw the link in the other thread.
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