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Internet Nostalgia Thread.

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Post your memories.
internet explorer
- winmx, kazaa
AOL/AIM chat
- I was using WebCrawler as my primary search engine
- Napster would take 30 minutes to download a song
- Netscape Navigator was the best web browser
50-100MB files, est DL time: 3hrs
Windows 95 start up noise
Watching porn on the internet for the first time was as memorable as seeing you first child born.
Dial up noise.

- looking at DBZ pics on angelfire
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People still use IE and AIM.
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I know TRINI is going to get a kick out of seeing my post here. He knows why. Also, I picked up a chick on a chatboard back in like '91. We snail mailed drugstore printed 35mm pics of us back and forth. Erica from Boynton Beach, where are you nows?
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Dual 5.25" floppies
Writing a "ping" program for my linux box so the university dialup would stay connected 24/7
channel bots
text browsers
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Gopher and WAIS finger Newsgroups Browsing the web with Lynx FTP by email Downloading Slackware floppy images from wuarchive MUDs & MOOs Mosaic Web pages with frames.
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america online
dial up noise
rainbow six on MS gaming zone
huge chats with my grade on aol
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Windows 3.11, Mosaic, Finger, Gopher and Compuserve. IE had not been invented yet
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early 90s -
Prodigy teen section before I was a teen

mid 90s -
designing my own Geocities webpage
obsessively searching for the absolute best free web host (5MB of space!!!!) for the websites that never got past a single shitty background image and some lame text
using a free POP3 mail provider because I was too cool for and my parents used both of the addresses we got from the ISP
wishing I could afford the $100 it cost to register a domain back then (Battletech) & alt.punk

mid-late 90s? -
overnight download of the Pamela-Tommy Lee sex tape.
signing up for underage because I had a checking account and debit card
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microsoft comic chat met a girl there too, but I flaked on a meet-up.
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When virtual reality was all the rage.. Active Worlds. A place I constructed in 1997 at 1022N, 905W in 'Alpha World' is still there. Onlive Traveler. Not to be confused with Onlive, the cloud based gaming business. CU-SeeMe, video conferencing with 56k dial-up. Used to spend hours on this.
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Constanly jacking off to Danni Ashe on 56k using compuserve like 10 years ago. And playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory when I ditched dial up. Good times.
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AberMUD, Telnet, USENET, Bullet

all without these pretty pictures...
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AIM punters!
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All Your Base are Now Belong to Us

chat rooms
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- mIRC warez, gamez, fserves
- Scour, then Napster, then Kazaa
- Quake 1 - First time playing with more than 1 other person on a computer across the country was one hellova an experience.
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