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Thanks! What's funny is that I look at the original photo at the start of the thread and think it's pretty terrible, but it got this going at least and I'm much happier with the more recent shots.


That was another thing Blake and I talked about that spurred this -- he complained about not capturing the true color of the chinos in the shots he'd posted and so I went about getting some that did.

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yeah the chinos are brown more than khaki!
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Are you guys serious?

So shut up.

No. I won't wink.gif

I will admit to trolling with that post, so thanks for taking a bite at the hook. I honestly don't care what the intent was behind this whole thing. I enjoy these boards just to share information, and pics. I didn't cop my pants for a contest. Nonetheless, if you are going to start a thread, offer up some phantom prize to make it interesting, and put your business name behind it, then you ought to stand behind that. Or if something changed, step in and say so. I appreciate your exculpatory comments on Blake's behalf, but I'm more disappointed that all thread sponsors simply dropped off. I too have been to Portland, been to Blake's store, chatted with Blake the nice guy, etc. I just think as a courtesy someone might have checked in at some point and said what is up.

Personally I feel like Namor participated in earnest in this contest, and he asked about whether it had ended and if there was a winner, and that question fell on deaf ears. If there is a side to take in all of this, it is surely his that needs your enthusiasm more than Blake. I enjoyed this thread, and like any wager or contest, it seemed sweeter with a stake. Namor deserves something for his trouble. I realize he probably doesn't care, and it doesn't matter because this can just be AYSO Soccer where everyone wins, but I like contests to count. Defeat should sting, and victory should be sweet.

Instead of shutting up, I will put up. Why don't some of you others, and you in particular SVB, do the same? If your name is listed on this thread as a participant, would you be willing to chip in for the prize that Namor deserves and that others have promised and failed to deliver? Because I would be willing to do that since I participated and I enjoyed it.

So put up or shut up.
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no updates on the chinos? as in how the wear has progressed rather the competition prizes?  will somebody, please, think of the chinos! 

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i mean we all participated and it was fun

there was no binding contract and i would have participated regardless of whether i would win/lose or get a prize for it at the end. if namor was crying about it, then i would be more inclined to agree with you. but since most of that list are more or less "heavy hitters" on sf that post a lot, dont see the need to make it a bigger deal
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Fair enough RKD.

I don't want to do anything out of a need for justice, and I like Namor so I don't want to see him cry over this or anything else. If anything, I'm trying to keep this in the spirit of the thread as intended, which was to have fun. I think it would be fun to chip in and acknowledge his victory with some token. To me it is no different than an office pool, poker night, fantasy football type thing. You don't do it because someone cries, you do it because it is part of the fun. I may be out of step with the popular sentiment on this, and that would not be so unusual. I can live with that.

Can we call the contest done at least, and collectively declare Namor winner and champion, and then offer him an attaboy for closure?
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some pics from earlier this year

Lima, Peru

Machu Pichu

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I wore those chinos about 275 times over the course of mid-march 2011 to mid-june 2011, when I was in Peru. These are hands down the best pair of pants ive ever owned and i dont regret buying 2, 3 pairs over the course of the contest. This was one of the coolest things ive participated in and being able to share it with you guys was awesome. In hindsight however, I shouldn't have been as committed to this "contest" as I was. Looking back, it was a bit of waste taking the time constantly taking pics and uploading/bumping this thread. I didn't do it for any prize instead I dedicated myself to the spirit of competition and shared camaraderie among fellow RRL fans. Now, it all just looks like a big fucking joke with Blake having the biggest laugh.

Its been 5 months since the contest "ended" and I havent worn the chinos since. Partly because im kind of sick of them, and I need the break. The chinos have been so worn down from all the wear that I'd need to drop another $25 to patch them up and get them up and running again. This on top of the initial $220 + $20 + $35 for cost of pant, hem, and seat, respectively. After investing nearly $300 and almost as many days, in addition to the multitude of pictures taken specifically for this "contest", ive got nothing really left to contribute. Now just a couple of questions for the folks at Blake, a shining example of how to build (or not) good rapport with your (would have been) customers:

Were you ever serious about following through with this?
Why did you make the initial investment of time and contribute your name to this "contest" to then completely vanish once it ended?
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agree with namor on this one. as much as it was fun - disapearring like that is a bit of a joke.
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Hello guys,

Sorry to bump this thread especially since it doen's seem to end really well...
I have been a lurker of this thread for a long time.
I know this is a little reward but you pictures are great and I wanted those chinos for a very long time because of you (especially Namor and Stanley).
Unfortunately is was impossible to find them in France and quite complicated to order them from the US.

Yesterday I finally heard that the RL flagship store in Paris started to import the RRL product line!
I went to the store and finaly found those chinos! I took a pair and ask them to hem and taper them a bit. I can't wait.

Just a quick question (that didn't get any answer on the RRL thread): I always thought those chinos were made in the USA. Mines are made in China. What about yours?

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^ glad you found a pair, you'll love them. Ive owned several variations included the special edition, 2011 season, the buckle back selvedge chino and also the most reason gunmetal chinos. all were made in china
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Thank you Namor for your feedback.
The seller told me that only the jeans are made in the US while the chinos are made in China.
Glad you confirmed that.

I am a true W33 and I have been surprised to take a tag30x34. I am just a bit tight but all your feedback convinced me they'll stretch quick.

I will post a fit pic as soon as they're ready even if the contest is over smile.gif

PS : I am also thinking about replacing the button by rivet ones. But I guess I will just wait that one pop off.
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How did y'all wash your chinos? I've had mine a clean year now and I think it's time to do it.

I did not get the sick fades that NAMOR did but I wore them much less frequently.
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That the kind of pant I wash in the softer machine cycle (hand wash or silk) with cold water except if I need some shrink.
Can you post a picture of yours smile.gif ?
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i washed my pair in cold water, gentle cycle. hang dry
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