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He'll be missed
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Who was the other poster that argued with him? Really miss those conversations
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

Could someone summarize the above post in 5 words or less? Like many of his posts, just a lot of hot air



You. Are. A. Tool.


ETA: Bye!

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Originally Posted by RRL CLOTHING View Post

You. Are. A. Tool.

ETA: Bye!

His best post ever. Better last than never. Well done
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wtf is this shit

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i won the contest they just told me on the phone
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Now following member "RRL CLOTHING"
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

Speaking of pork belly, have you been to the pig? Checked it out today and had the best pork belly sandwhich evr

Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

i have a new place for you to try if you are ever back in my neck of the woods.

I know this is an old conversation (I stopped checking this thread when it started going downhill a few months back) but where in the Detroit area is your recommendation? I'm always looking for good sandwiches (I'd recommend the Keego Harbor Specialty Sausage shop on Orchard Lake Road for a great brisket sandwich).
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anyone go to Mon Jin Lau on wednesdays?
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

wtf is this shit

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Namor, did you ever get your prize from this contest? Or was this just a scam for Blake's to sell a bunch of RRL officer's chinos?
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I stumbled on this thread a few days and I have to say, hands down, it has been the most hilarious thread to read/view. Some of those pics are "priceless"! Despite that, I still think I want the pants.
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That guy Blake sounds like a scumbag - sold all his chinos with a fake contest and which worked as great marketing and when i contacted him to buy a pair of chinos he ignored me. Now i have Chinos and No Blake.
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Honestly, at this point it should warrant moderator action. If you try to sell in a thread or otherwise whore out your items that you have in buy and sell anywhere else on styleforum, you risk having your account locked and a hefty fine to get access to the boards again. So how is it a an affiliate can run a scam contest to generate sales with total impunity?
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Are you guys serious?


For one, as far as I know, Blake paid for an affiliate thread. That isn't this thread but there's been more than one Epaulet thread, and some of those others were contests that I'm sure generated sales and that was fine.


I met Blake in person when I was in Portland back in Feb 2010 when I originally purchased these which then got this whole thing going. We talked briefly about RRL and the shop-in-shop concept he was working on, and about the forums and how there'd be at least one guy who would wear the RRL chinos like raw denim and probably get some really cool results from them. I told him that as an office worker, I'd probably not be able to go to that extreme but that it would certainly be cool to see if someone did. He talked about trying to get something from RRL as an incentive, which is, I assume, where all this went wrong. I have no idea and I've had no contact with Blake but if I had to guess, I'd say whatever deal he was going to work with RRL fell through. But that's just me giving the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure it's possible that they just run a busy shop, don't need internet sales as much (or think they don't, or have been overshadowed by other vendors here), and this project has simply fallen by the wayside.


I don't however, believe this was all some scam to sell chinos and now Blake has disappeared with oodles and poodles of our chino money. These aren't that much of a big ticket item so it simply makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever to alienate all of styleforum for a quick buck. I suppose there are some stupid people in this business but Blake did not impress me as one of them. He seemed like an earnest guy who wanted to do something cool, but was relying in RRL in some part and we don't know what happened there. He's always had a more minimal presence on styleforum than a lot of other vendors and it's a shame nothing ever came of this, but no one should feel ripped off. You were never promised anything specific, and if you bought in, you still got a great pair of pants.


So shut up.

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