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Originally Posted by nino
Ahh Ive been eying that wallet for a while, but in a brown. I like the handstitching. Also I have the same belt as you but in brown. Good taste.

I bought one in brown too. If you want to see pics, there at I might be selling it though, I really don't need two wallets.

Water, it is the harness leather belt.
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1) My Wallett
2) My Body Glove Lanyard that holds my car kees
3) My Cell phone
4) My Comb
6) Pens
7) Backpack
8) A ring
9) My beaded choker
10) My Laptop
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Originally Posted by Calden

01. Alden Black Cordovan Boots AF43 - These boots will last forever, are perfectly formed to my feet, and can be worn with everything. I know I should have another pair of shoes or boots so I can alternate, but I don't want to sacrifice anything else on my list.

02. Nudie Straight Sven Dry Selvage - I'm choosing these because they're my favorite pair of raw jeans. Samurai's and PBJs are both tempting, but I don't own either so it's hard to say.

03. American Apparel White Crewneck Tshirt - If I'm going to wear the same thing all the time, it can't stand out. Nothing could be safer than a plain white tshirt, assuming I don't spill all over myself.

04. Engineered Garments Herringbone Bedford - Not only is this jacket incredibly beautiful and functional, but it adds a much needed touch of class when I'm drinking a can of Black Label or PBR.

05. Hanes Black Zip Hoodie - I need a Loopwheeler. In the meantime this Hanes does the job, and I'm not gonna cry if someone accidently burns me with their cigarette.

06. Leather Goods Connection Belt - I've always liked the look of brass after it's been worn a while.

07. Leather Goods Connection Wallet - This is by far the nicest wallet I've ever had. I got really sick of flimsy leather wallets and their crappy fabric linings. This is the real deal.

08. Jantzen White Shirt - While I don't actually own this yet, I am hopefully going to order one this weekend.

09. Banana Republic Grey Crewneck Sweater - Blah. I need a nice sweater.

10. Jcrew Broken In Chinos - These were given to me as a gift, and to my surprise I really liked them. (I'm already regetting not putting Ray Bans instead).

* I was curious to see what I would choose from things that I own, but I meant for the list to be anything...

Where did you get that jack for point #3?
post #34 of 127 t-shirt(s), actually, Black undies, socks, jeans, jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, etc..
2.whiskey and coke-easy on the coke.
3.powerbook-this could be lower on the list
4.Scalpel-for drawing
5.ipod-or at the very least, 1 les savy fav album, one walkmen, and one transam
6.elmer's glue-the glue of glues-works on even the most advanced of models
7.Nava cube bag-what would a student of arch. carry around but a defined volume?
8.carabiner-every "cool kid" in the world has one and its really immature and all; but I hate having shit in my pockets
10.girlfriend-much needed credibility to my "look"
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Originally Posted by gamelan
i want!


If they fit my feet, I would too. How come I can't find them on Alden's website?
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Originally Posted by Sgt_Strider
Where did you get that jack for point #3?
I got the jacket from 2000dB and his invisible army.

Originally Posted by masqueofhastur
If they fit my feet, I would too. How come I can't find them on Alden's website?
The shoes are from Alden of Carmel
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Originally Posted by Calden
I got the jacket from 2000dB and his invisible army.
2000db for the Engineered Garments Herringbone Bedford jacket? Who/where is 2000db? I'd love to get my hands on one! TIA!
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dont kill me for reviving this
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1 kmw rockers
2 511 twills
3 alternative apparel vintage soft t-shirt
4 wrangler denim shirt
5 brown belt
6 white oxford
7 plaid ties
8 grey cardigan
9 low top chucks
0 brown dress shoes
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Interesting how well a 2 year old thread holds up!
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Updated list

1. vb/js knits
2. white button-ups
3. patrik ervell jacket
4. dark trousers (mm, cdg)
5. carpes
6. cdg socks
7. water pitcher at room temp
8. my car (can't imagine driving anything else)
9. my 8800 nokia
10. ck wife beaters
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#38 : haha it okay... 1. sexsc06 - sugarcane 2. apc nw 3. my friend gave me this thift'd land end cord.. 4. clarks desert boots 5. mjk's spring08 bluetwillrib 6. navy jack purcell 7. jcrew white oxford 8. aa tees 9. fred perry polos 10. green cardigan
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1.) Alden Cordovan Shell Boots in Black

2.) Dark Navy 3 piece suit, BoO (for the low cut vest)

This + vest.

3.) White overdye oxford BoO

4.) Levi's 511 cut in RAW

But raw.

5.) Leather Jacket

6.) Buttero work boots in brown

7.) BoO Wool Crewneck in Burgundy/Wine

8.) CP white lows (or really, any comfortable designer sneakers just for something other than boots)

9.) Nudie Grey Coated Thin Finns

10.) MJK Shawl Sweater

I kind of started to fizzle out around 7. I'm not sure if I really need the last three but they seem like good staples. The 3 piece is both a normal suit, a 3 piece suit, a pair of pants, a vest, and a jacket all together and separately too.
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Pants Jeans: APC NS Cords: JCrew Slim Cords Chino: Incotex Shirts OCBD: Kent Wang Other Dress Shirts: Jantzen Workshirts: EG Flannels/Chambray/Plaid Twills S/S Camp Shirts: APC Knits- EG Shawl Collar in Grey Herringbone MM Black Shawl Collar Cardigan Shoes Alfred Saergent Suede Chukkas
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updated list 2 years later. Not too much difference

1. Jeans (Crate Route, Crate chinos and Nudie Finn grey coated are tops right now)
2. Fred Perry sweaters (vneck and cardigan)
3. Agnes b navy cotton jacket
4. Boots (Paul Smith and Dr Marten)
5. White shirts (AquascutumxNick Hart, BoO, Black Fleece, Paul Smith etc)
6. Leather Jackets (Diesel for black, D&G for brown)
7. Fred Perry italian knit polos (s/s and l/s)
8. Ben Sherman l/s small collar'd buttondowns in check/stripe patterns
9. Agnes b slim trousers (navy and burgundy moleskin)
10. Harrington jackets (Baracuta & Fred Perry)
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