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I've slipped in various wet and cold conditions more often in my crepe rubber soled bucks then in leather soled shoes. I've slipped in both, but have found that at least that fairly smooth rubber is MUCH more slippery then a worn in leather sole. And not slipping in leather soles didn't require relearning how to walk. Perhaps I already had a model stride, or perhaps I'm more coordinated than other posters here.
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Originally Posted by ThatGuy View Post
I'm not experienced, nor have I had any issues walking in snow, hail and tropical rain whilst wearing leather soled shoes... however, my opinion stands that people who topy nice shoes are cheapskates who need to take a refresher course in walking / how to distribute their weight more evenly.

BRB applying a rubber strap under my alligator strap because it will prevent my watch head moving due to its weight.

It's all down to preference. You all keep topying and I will think you're cheap and you bought them second hand, off the bay, off B&S, from an op shop. No loss... clearly there are lot's of people here who do that looking at the types of threads posted on the boards.

I would guess the group of people here who really like their nice shoes, would not topy/ defile their shoes. And I'm sure such people know how to walk.

In the last year, I know of one person who stacked it in the rain... it was a guy who was wearing rubber soled shoes. I do not and I've never fallen down. Ever.

Dear me, the poster who said you picked your name after "That guy is a total asshole" was making a very good point.

And you think you're a gentleman with your alligator watch strap and high-end shoes. I say you have much more money than class, judging by your snobbish comments. Your condescending remarks are disgraceful.
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Originally Posted by flanker2000fr View Post
I'm not sure I understood that.

no worries.

you have found your method, as i did, nothing else.
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Originally Posted by ThatGuy View Post
clearly there are lot's of people here who do that looking at the types of threads posted on the boards.

Indeed, and some of us cheapskates know that the word lots is not a possessive of lot and therefore has no apostrophe.
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I am reading all this Toppy bashing.  I have put them on all my better shoes simply because I don't want my shoes to "wick" up water from having to walk over wet pavement or snow.  It has NEVER caused a problem and has beautifully protected expensive investments over the years.  I never worry about the soles getting wet and misshapen.  That is all.

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I had one uncle who due to walking on leather soles, lost his grip and paralysed him, I had a pair of shoes and slips and broke my leg. I think a new pair of shoes can be acquired but health alas cannot. I know rubber soles with good grip I have never slipped on and had an issues. The fact that your feet breath or weather you will breath is the better question

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I'm with you; the Parisian dude has given the most reasonable, well thought out, and seemingly incontrovertible answer (short of someone submitting a peer reviewed journal article on the subject). it's pretty clear that there is no/or minimal risk from rubberizing soles and that the aesthetic diffferences are very personal (but to me minimal if done correctly).  i have some (still  unworn) suede C&J Millbanks with beautifully tanned ultrathin soles that are beautiful to behold but unless i put my feet up on the conference table no one will be admiring my soles. but i also have a couple of pairs of edward green wingtips that i have had for nearly 20 years and the soles while not yet "ratty" may be given a longer life by Topying them. Of course if i could merely do a "I Dream Of Jeannie"-inspired blink and have my (imaginary) valet send the shoes off to the manufacturer from here in chicago, i would be a lot happier. but these days, i'm more about convenience than the abstract notion of stylistic purity. FWIW,  i have several pairs of ferragamos that are nearly 25 years old that came with ultra thin half-rubbered soles (more or less the equivalent of factory inserted topys) and the shoes are still fine.
Lastly, i should inform the group that i probably have approximately 75-100 pairs of fairly high grade shoes (high-end, old school ie., early 90's Ferragamos being the cheapest), nearly half of which have only been warn a handful of times.

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thanks for bringing some reason to this discussion; the notion that people have to learn how to walk correctly is insidiously demeaning, mean-spirited, and frankly incorrect.

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So, I was planning on getting a sole protector for a pair of penny loafers I just got. It was recommended to do so because they have a very thin sole and I was told that water would seep right through it were I to get caught in the rain or step in a shallow puddle. Is this true, or should I disregard it as nonsense and keep the leather?
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