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Dont ruin a bad thing. Work hard for 5 more years, then think about starting a business.

do that^^
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I don't think it is unrealistic. Maybe starting a high finance firm at 22 is. Age does not matter. The guy working in a restaurant for 2 years through 20-22 will know more about the business than a 10 year experienced investment banker. From personal experience, I know a few friends (not college grads) who started successful businesses between the ages of 23-27. One started a commercial cleaning company picked up one 3 year contract in suburban Houston, and clears $6,000 a month profit from it for sitting on his ass and having cheap laborers do the work. Might not be a lot of money but he can travel whenever he wants to without working 15 hour days. Balance and life choices. Everyone is different. For me personally I would rather have the time and freedom to travel and live comfortably than be a millionaire by working 70+ hours a week. Doing this at age 35 is MUCH different than 25.
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suggest you begin to read your way into biz start up. try Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, VentureBeat and NxLevel for biz plans
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