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Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard View Post
The keys to great salesmanship are, in order of importance, customer insight and flexibility. Insight into your target buyer -- org structures, needs, politics, decisionmaking flows and hierarchies, industry position, etc. -- is crucial. It basically tells you exactly what your buyer would like to buy. Flexibility is the other component, and there is a tiny bit of amorality to it. Chances are, your product or service isn't going to be a perfect fit with a prospect's exact needs. You need to know how to fit your square peg into the prospect's round hole by making your peg seem as round as possible. Don't lie about what you're selling, but be acutely aware of the areas of overlap between your product's benefits and the target's needs.
+1 In my experience, Miller Heiman is good.. TAS (Target Account Selling) is decent... there is a relatively new one out called Holden Power Base Selling... I like it as it requires sales reps look past the Org Chart and figure out who the true decision-makers are in a company. Some skills can't be taught... empathy, attentive-listening, innate ability to build rapport & trust... those are things you should bring to the table. Also, don't underestimate the need to identify a truly broken business process... companies won't spend money on something that doesn't hurt enough. Lastly, if you can't address how your product/service either makes them money or saves them money.. don't bother.
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As a salesman, I agree with most of what has been posted. In my experience, the best training has always been from a decent mentor. However, since you have access to funding for a sales program I would recommend staying FAR away from anything based around the Acclivus system (R3 systems, etc.) They may be recognized by more then 100 companies, and in a plethora of countries, but their product is (IMO) terrible. PM for details.
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Originally Posted by KPO89 View Post
I sell complex wireless communication solutions to local, state, and federal agencies. This is more or less major account management and acquisitions.

I just started so I need everything.

I even need to learn what my goals should be.

Forget sales training. Get your hands on as many old RFPs, RFIs, and contracts from all three levels of government and comb over those things. For someone selling directly to the public sector, understanding the sourcing and contracting process in depth will do way more for you than any sales training ever could.
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^This is actually great advice because I've experienced that this week. The technicalities of it all are often more important than the typical selling and telling structures.
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this doesn't count, but I just finished one week of sales training with Xerox,,, amazing
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Your employer is providing you a great opportunity. Undergoing sales training helps to incorporate and improve the business and leadership skills. Search in the internet and look for companies that provide these kind of training and this will be helpful.
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