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Originally Posted by MBreinin View Post
I will tie a half-windsor with a particularly wide spread collar, or a tie that ties a really skinny knot. I used to ONLY tie a Windsor before I came here.


So, who bullied you into stopping?
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post
your sig has been waiting for this thread

Now if someone would start a Ramones thread ...
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I tend to wear a St. Andrews Knot. I like starting backwards.
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the vast majority of my shirts have spread collars, and I tie full windsors most often. why? I like the symmetry, and I like the size. No, my knots are not nba commentator sized.
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99.9% of Russian officials wear half-windsor, except for president Medvedev who prefers FIH
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I do FIH and Half-Windsors mostly, just for the sake of variation. It actually has to do with how the tie knots and what kind of collar I'm wearing, but I mostly vary between these two. Every now and then I try a double FIH.
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The first knot I learned was a half-windsor, which I've never liked. Before SF I always tied a Windsor, but then through WAYWRN I fell for the double FIH, which is almost all I wear now. Sometimes if a tie is too thick or something I'll wear just a FIH.

On the odd occasion that I want a slightly larger more triangular knot I tend to use the Pratt instead of the Windsor, because having adapted to the DFIH I just find a windsor too damn big for any of my collars and the pratt makes a better dimple.
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FIH for me-- mostly because I'm too dumb to learn and remember all the other ones.
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Not very attractive, but if you're in the UK and wearing it, it will give you that 'footballer'-look.
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i'm split about 50/50 between 1/2 windsor and FIH...both have their place.

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FIH and double FIH, but only when I dont screw up the double FIH length 5x first.
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I tie Windsor knots all the time...because my ties are so shitty quality that it makes sense.
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Originally Posted by AlmostSmart View Post
Please tell me. Living and working in London, UK I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is the exclusive tie knot, but it is the most common one and one that I wear, especially with spread-collared shirts.

I have seen so many comments of late where new posters are posting pics, and they are slammed immediately because they have ties a windsor and not a FIH. And not always told in a gentle way, but pretty aggressive sometimes.

I have a feeling that the responses will be in the region of 95% against the 'windsor'.

It's just too bulky, particularly for ties with a heavy hand. Four in hand for me, or half windsor if I'm feeling crazy.
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I almost always tie a four-in-hand, unless my tie is really heavy and I might tie a small knot. I like the look of a small, narrow four-in-hand knot with wide spread collar, as exemplified by HRH Prince Charles. I prefer to follow the royalty and wear four-in-hand knot. If I ever desire to tie a larger knot I'll use a double four-in-hand. I prefer the longer shape of a four-in-hand knot over the Windsor knot. However, sometimes I might use a Windsor knot on a knit tie. A four-in-hand knot often turns out lumpy with a knit tie. I was convinced that it can look good after seeing Pierce Brosnan tie a knit in a small, tight Full Windsor knot in the 5th episode of Remington Steele.
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Originally Posted by Saturdays View Post
I tend to wear a St. Andrews Knot. I like starting backwards.

I just learned that knot today - and it's awesome. I'm finding that with the exception of the double-wrapped FIH, all the knots I like start backwards. But for some reason I'm doing that double-wrapped FIH a lot. (What's that called, anyway?) It seems to fit with my collars and choice of tie.
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