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5x5 (strong lifts)

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Anyone have experience with this program? Although, I have been lifting weights since sophomore year of high school (now 25 years old) I want to build a more solid foundation when it comes to compound lifts.

The issue is SL 5x5 requires you start off with an empty olympic bar, and on some exercises (squats) it is just way too light, so just to get to the weight I used to squat it will take me well over a month. So, in the grand scheme of things I really wont be making any progress on some lifts, but on others like press and BB bench press (I have been only using dumb bells for years) starting from an olympic barbell will be helpful in fine tuning my form.

Overall, my fitness goal for this year is to get to about 10% bodyfat (I'm about 15% now) and then bulk come the fall.

Can anyone offer me any advice based on my situation and possibly making the 5x5 program more effective based on my needs?
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If, as you say, it will take you 1 month to reach your current squat, either:

1) Just do the program as written.

2) Skip 2 weeks of squats by adding 30 lbs to the bar.

Could not be easier
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do a search, there was a thread about strong lifts a while back I adapted it to fit my needs, you should be able to, too
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I had thought of that also, but something just seemed to not make sense about benching 50lbs and squatting 185.
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Makes more sense than the other way around.
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just start somewhere near the weights you can currently push. Whats the point in squatting the bar if your capable of much more?
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I've done it, although I was lifting before and wasn't a complete beginner (had some strength already) but I just thought it was a good program to increase steadily and do minimal exercise. My form was already pretty good, I had done squatting, dead lifts, and bench press before focusing on form. Simple. I started off with more than the barbell on everything as I already knew I could lift more My body weight is about 155lbs about 5'7 I started off my squat and bench press at about 135lbs I can now squat 5x5 235lbs (more than 1.5x my body weight) and really the goal of the beginners program is to reach 1.5xbody weight as a 1 rep max... so I've exceeded the goal I think. However I continue with the program because I think it's effective. Now I continue to do that program but I change the reps around, sometimes I do a day of squating with lighter weight but more repetition. I'm not looking at going much heavier as I don't see a need, I'm not looking at lifting competitively or gaining more weight or bulk. So I may start doing some other exercises just to have new challenges in training.
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You could figure out your max 5x5 weight and then back off by 1 month
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On my blog I post a routine similar to stronglifts 5x5 but with a little more overall body workout. stronglifts tends to cause you to load up your pecs, doesn't fortify your back as well. I have a more complete program on my blog. check it out its in my signature, Add 50+ pounds to your lifts in 12 weeks is the post name.
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between deads and barbell rows (plus, arguably, weighted auxs) how is stronglifts not working the fuck out of one's back?
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5 sets is too much, 3x5 makes more sense
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I thought the same when I started stronglifts. After starting too fast, i injured my wrist (being dumb with presses). A three week injury conveniently turned into a winter off. Starting again, i think the greatest benefit from starting so low is establishing form and strengthening smaller, accessory muscles, tissues and tendons we underuse when doing muscle specific exercises. I know 45 lbs is nothing and you feel a little ridiculous, but taking one month to prevent injury and other issues in the future, is well worth it to me.
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5x5 is very similar to starting strength and that has you start at the weight that allows you to do 5 reps with perfect form, you spend the first day calibrating and then generally will rapidly increase weight each exercise. You would/should definitely be doing less than you do now but not something as silly as just the bar.

Originally Posted by Cool The Kid View Post
5 sets is too much, 3x5 makes more sense

Why do you say that?

Is 75 reps of a compound exercise a week really going to create over-training?
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It will for an exercise like squats or deadlifts if you are lifting anywhere close to your 5RM on each set. It would make more sense to do 3x8 as at least then you are lifting weight more suited to high volume.
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I started 5x5 today. Started at 110lbs for everything and will see how I do...
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