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Originally Posted by PhiPsi32 View Post


Not all good news, I know.  But we have a starting point.  I'm very sorry to all the gentlemen who will not be able to participate due to the size or sole restrictions.  If it were up to me, I'd get it done for you.

Although disappointed that they won't make a wider boot, I understand.  Thanks for your efforts.  Best to all in the New Year.



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A custom made loafer on a modified last, by a Japanese shoemaker Verb Creations. Goodyear Welted

I dug these up from their blog from a while ago.
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I've seen some Modified loafers The Shoe Mart seconds list.  I may have to give them a try.

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*****Modified Last Kudu Indy Update*******


I would like to tentatively say that we have enough people for the MTO.  I know a few of you still have sizing questions.  I will do my best to help you dial it in.  The best advice I have is to stay with your Barrie/Truebalance size. 


Once the size list is complete, I will verify the details of the make up (to make sure we can get what we want).  If we're good there, then I will probably be asking you all to contact Moulded Shoe to place deposits for the order.


Expect a PM (or two) from me as we finalize the order.


Thanks everyone. 

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Make-up Details for Kudu Indy - Please comment or PM if you see any probelms.


Last: Modified Last
Pattern: Indy Boot
Upper: Dark Brown Kudu
Eyelets: 5 metal + 4 hooks
Lining: Full Leather Linings
Soles: Brown Neoprene
Heels: L/R Erco Modified Last Heels
Welting: White stitch/Natural Storm Welt
White Stitching on Vamp
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Just out of interest, will the welt be 270 or 360?
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Excellent question.  I would like the 270 or close heel which I pressume is the standard Indy welt.  I will clarify this and update the post.




I'm going to clarify the welt stitching and the deposit details.  And then, unless there is an objection, we'll be ready to put this through.  Thank you again for all you're patience.  This is really an exciting make up.  You don't see much Kudu CXL out there let alone on the Modified last.

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Good stuff Phi, glad you got something going.

I don't know if I've ever seen a modified show with a 360....
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Me neither, but it doesn't hurt to check!


Roguls, you have been an inspiration as you have collected some superb Modified Last make ups.  And I appreciate your efforts to bring the shell cordovan Modified last to the US.  I hope that we will all be back here again for a shell Indy Modified Last MTO.  Maybe 2013 will be our year.

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I did confirm, the standard Indy welt is 270 as shown here


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Somebody get lucky: hell yes
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^ I would if they were my size.  They look more like cigar than #8, but I guess that's how #8 ages/develops patina.  Can't wait till my #8's develop some more character.  Patience is certainly not a virtue of mine...

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It reminds me of the horrible injustice that we cannot MTO shell cordovan Modified boots here in the US.  I'm almost tempted to boycott Alden  .  .  . almost.

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The apparent arbitrariness of this does annoy me. I suppose Alden doesn't need to cater to niche tastes right now. But I can and do buy other shoes and boots.
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Originally Posted by Roguls View Post

Somebody get lucky: hell yes
I have those boots in no. 8 on the ML. From the looks of the sole/heel that is a different last.
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