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Black tar heroin The dark end of the street..

A real masterpiece.
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Originally Posted by Medwed View Post

This was awesome film, especially considering first time filmmaker and a potential of being just a 2 hour infomertial. But, it was great.

agree. Terrific. Caught an exhib at foam in amsterdam which spun off this exposure.

Intend to re-watch the NY times doc (forget title...), to re-visit the late david carr's appearance
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This was pretty good.
Documents several situations:

-A white man shooting a killing an unarmed black teen in his home(not as simple as it seems.)
-The election of sheriff in a small Southern town and the quest by one man to be the first African American elected.
-A high school that finally allowed integrated proms..just a few years ago.

Well worth a watch IMO.
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Cannes Film Fest 1980 doc.
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After the Chicago Cubs blow an opportunity to reach the World Series in 2003, Cubs fans blame the team's misfortune on fellow fan Steve Bartman, who interfered with a foul ball and prevented Moises Alou from making a catch.

I saw this a while back and it was on ESPN this morning. Good doc.
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Good flick about "fresh" girls looking to break into the porn industry. No gratuitous sex involved. Just tells the story of the path that a few take to try to make a name for themselves.
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This was also very good. Btwn SHO/HBO and ESPN(30 for 30), they are doing some excellent sports programming.
This basically lays out his career starting in HS and details when he was arrested(in HS) and facing serious time. No one would have even known about him(to the extent that he is a top 3 all time NBA "little man") if he was not pardoned. Good watch.
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

Watched The Queen of Versailles on netflix. Talk about showing how bad some people can live in excess. Blech.

I felt bad for them. They had a lot of stress and the wife seemed to have genuine concern for those around her, even if she was pretty daffy.
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Looking fwd to catching this:

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Originally Posted by Salad View Post

"Tim's Vermeer"

It's currently available on Comcast's On Demand for free. Pretty fascinating.

I just finished watching this. Very fascinating. Highly recommended.

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