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"Chuck Berry Hail Hail rock and roll" is great, but I guess everyone knows that already.

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2 from the last week or so:

A look at juveniles who have been sentenced to life w/o parole. A good watch.

A look at college b-ball/the mob/point shaving. Henry Hill(Goodfellas) plays a part in this.
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Haven't seen it but is supposed to be great

Has anyone seen this yet?
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Originally Posted by Big Pun View Post

I rather like Louis Theroux's documentaries. He's very intuitive and willing to put himself out there.

He's okay. The one he did about White supremacists was kinda lame. Tom Metzger made him look completely clueless.
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Over the last month or so:

-Based a lot on the trial and people affected by Whitey and the Winter Hill Gang in Boston. Not bad. Flick also placed a lot of blame on the FBI/govt.

-This is one of the ESPN 30 for 30 which are always good(Pistons/No Mas/etc.) Another good piece which shows Boz before during after becoming BOZ!
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