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Great documentary on what America has become:

Decadence: Decline of the Western World

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I saw that when it was called They Live.
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Whore's Glory and How Much Does your Building Weigh, Mr Foster? were interesting.

Want to catch Jiro Dreams of Sushi next.

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Most certainty a repost .. but the BBC documentary "A History of Syria" is worth a watch.
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Evacuate Earth. This will scare the crap out of you in the first minute. But keep in mind that it's all just a big sci-fi production... the end of the world probably won't happen in our time...

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Good stuff^^. Lawrence Taylor doc on Showtime.
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Just saw the documentary for this recently:

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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

It's a 2004 doc, but still watchable. The Connections series by James Burke was amazing for its time, and his take on things was fascinating.

You can stream it here:

I love the original Connections series. To me it's aged extremely well. The way Burke traces the connection between historical events down through time (for example from the invention of money in ancient times to the the advent of the lateen sail in the Middle Ages to the nuclear bomb in modern times) is so entertaining and so instructive in regard to human actions and unintended consequences.

Another thing I like how he puts inventions and ideas into context and shows step-by-step how they came about. Your left thinking simultaneously: "Man inventor X was a smart mf'er" and "Given the influences that were working on inventor X, I see how he came up with what he did."

The whole thing can be watched online here:

Can't say Burke's outfits have ages as well as the series though.
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Preaching to the choir here, but...

Jiro Dreams of Sushi!
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Speaking of Adam Curtis, I saw his joint with Massive Attack when I was in NYC and wrote about it:
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

Unsure where to post this one...
Just finished watching Catch Me If You Can

A fascinating true story. So impressed with the film, I decided to Goggle Frank Abagnale.
Saw this on the Tube, and thoroughly enjoyed this marvelous speaker; Abagnale himself, in his own words.

Great stuff MOL, thanks!
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Wow! Never occured to me to search that guy online... definitely saving that one to watch later, Thx

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Champions Forever: The Quick and The Dead. It's in three or four parts on youtube.


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