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T-Shirt Measurement Compendium

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Howdy SF So I figured with summer coming, T-Shirts would be the subject of a lot of discussion. I think that it would benefit all of us to pool our knowledge for T-Shirts and create a compendium of T-shirt sizes for different brands. So, if you could be so gracious to help with this project, I ask that you bust out your tape measure and post the chest, hem, length, and sleeve length/opening of various shirts, along with the depth of the vee/u/etc., if there is any significant taper, and whether the measurement is after a hot wash or not. EDIT: also add the Shoulder to shoulder measurements, if you would So, for example: Uniqlo V-Neck, Size Medium, Post Wash Length: 26" P2P 19" Hem 19" Sleeve length: 8" Sleeve opening: 6" Depth of vee:4" Hanes Crewneck, Size medium, Post Wash Length: 25" P2P: 19" Hem: 19" Sleeve: 6.75" Sleeve Opening:7" Alternative Apparel, size medium, post-wash Length: 22" P2P 19" Tapers down to: 17" Hem: 19" Sleeve: 7" Sleeve opening: 7" So, SF, if you could kindly contribute, I can put them into a spreadsheet and people will be able to find the perfect fit based on their criteria!
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This is a great idea. I am on the lookout for some t-shirts at the moment and will definitely give you measurements once i have made some purchases - and gave them a machine wash? Or is a machine wash a no-go even for t-shirts? Also, a picture or perhaps a quality scale to add after the first wash, some t-shirts decrease significantly after the first wash.
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Bumping this up; will add some measurements later. Kinda frustrating going to 3 or 4 different stores and finding everything is too small in the shoulders and too big in the body.
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AmA Tri-Blend Crew, Medium, Post Wash Length: 29" (Shoulder to Hem) S2S: 16.5" P2P: 19" Hem: 19" Sleeve: 7.5" Sleeve Opening:6.75"
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I got two for you, a good thing to remember is most "heather" shirts are cotton and polyester mixed and normally do not shrink as much as their 100% cotton counterparts.

Hanes Beefy Tee in Navy, size medium, post-wash
Length: 26"
P2P: 18.5"
S2S: 18"
Hem: 19"
Sleeve: 7"
Sleeve opening: 7"

Stafford Premium Crew Neck, size medium, post-wash (JCPenney Brand)
Length: 29"
P2P: 18.5"
S2S: 17"
Hem: 19"
Sleeve: 8"
Sleeve opening: 6.5"
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Next Level Apparel (I know, right? I'd never heard of them, but that's the base tee they used for the Cut Copy shirts this tour.) 100% cotton, size M, post-wash (cold wash, tumble dry) S2S: 18" P2P: 19.5" Hem: 19" Length: 29" Sleeve: 8" Sleeve opening: 6.25"
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PTO is doing a group buy for white V and crew Alternative Apparel Ts -
for 9.90 each (plus flat shipping charge)

Anyone know what their basic tees measure in a small? I've seen measurements for their various tees run all over the place - ex- GN's tee in the OP is pretty short (size medium), on the other hand I've seen some Alt App smalls that are a good 6 inches longer than that.
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Two shirts both post wash Mossimo Ultimate Tee in Red size Medium Length: 27.5" P2P: 19" S2S: 16" Hem: 19" Sleeve: 8.5" Jerzee tee in Red size Medium Length: 27.5" P2P: 20" S2S: 17" Hem: 20" Sleeve: 9"
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Alternative Apparel Crewneck After tumble wash Size Small Length (shoulder to bottom): 24" P2P: 17" S2S: 15" Hem: 16" Shoulder to end sleeve: 7,5" Sleeve hem: 7,5" Alternative Apparel Marled Eco version Crewneck After tumble wash Size Small Length (shoulder to bottom): 22" P2P: 16,93" S2S: 15" Hem: 16,5" Shoulder to end sleeve:6,3" Sleeve hem: 5,5"
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Good thread. I am searching for the Muji cotton crew-neck or v-neck size small or medium t-shirt measurements.
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I'm bumping this thread, since I think it's a pretty good idea, and I'd like to ask a question as well:

I'm a shorter guy (5'8"), and am having trouble finding some cheap white t-shirts that fit well lengthwise. I'm broad in the upper body (shoulders, chest), and as such, the lenth issue on tees is further exacerbated on me, as tees that fit me well in the shoulders and chest are just way too long.

I bought two packs of Hanes Perfect v-neck tees yesterday in a size M, gave them a very hot wash and a very hot dry, and they're still way too long. I haven't taken a tape measure to them yet, but guessing by where they fall on my body, I'd guess that they're at least 31" long. I want them to be shorter than my BDS, but all the ones that I've tried so far are at least 2-3 inches longer.

Any recommendations for shorter guys here? My J. Crew tees fit pretty well, but I'd like to be able to just find some nice blank white tees for beaters.
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I get mine shortened at $6 per shirt at the local dry cleaners. No need to pay a tailor to do it.

I've yet to find the "perfect" shirt that fits me in the arms, chest, and length perfectly, so I settle on the shirts that fit me perfect in the chest/arms but are slightlllly too long.
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and if you are handy with a sewing machine, this is one of the easiest alterations you can do.
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^ that's helpful to know, thanks.

uniqlos have some nice inexpensive tees (premium cotton) that are just the right length for me at 5'8", though i wear a XS rather than M...

James perse is the worst, smallest size is like 30 inches long

I will have a lot of measurements to contribute soon.
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where to cop u necks?

really cant find any anywhere to try on
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