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Flat fronts or pleats

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I was just wondering which style was better for dress pants, flat fronts or pleats. Are flat fronts more stylish? Casual? When is the best time to wear them (flat fronts/pleats)? What do you think about flat front suit pants?
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Flat-front pants are more in vogue at the moment. However, what's in vogue will not always be what's most flattering for every body type or most appropriate for every occasion. I wear both. Whether the pants are more casual or formal depends more on the material and overall cut than on the mere presence or absence of pleats.
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An old debate. Flat-fronts and uncuffed leg bottoms seem to have established themselves as acceptable in the formal world. Here's my take: pleats and cuffs are the classic look, and acceptable anywhere and on any suit. Flat front and cuffless trousers, though trendy contemporary now, look worse on overweight people than pleats. And they may not be as acceptable everywhere. I'm young (21) and can get away with wearing flat-front pants, but in some circles, it may be frowned upon. If I had to have only one pair of trousers, I'd go with cuffs and pleats.
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thanks guys
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Pleats are out right now. Although still acceptable, flat front will make any "ensemble" look more cutting edge. However, if you are wearing a suit, I would probably still recommend pleats. But keep it to a minimum. Nothing looks quite as a ridiculous with a ton of pleats at his waist. Especially if he is overweight.
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