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Onassis Clothing

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I'm surprised there's no mention of this company here! So, has anyone stopped by this place and checked out their gear? Just wondering how their stuff fits and what the quality is like.
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Choosy Beggar posted details on the Onassis sample sale:

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Never heard of them. The price point seems to be that of J. Crew. A lot of the people on the forums don't even bother looking at clothing in this price range.
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put this on just posted a piece about their sweatshirts, could be interesting to cop one
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I randomly happened upon their store in the Village and copped a bunch of stuff... their clothing is very inexpensive for the quality and fit. 


Not saying they are generational pieces or anything but you can find some good swag there. 

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Their website appears to be down now (as of 12:36 PM on 5/21/12). For me their stuff was good enough to consider, but just short of "buy". I suppose price was the sticking point that could have pushed me over the edge, but I already have a lot of the pieces they offered for spring.

Hope they're not dead.

Their whois page is interesting. What is United Colors International Ltd. (
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They're still alive, the website is just down for upgrades. They said it would be back up in the Fall.

How's the fit on their clothes? Can you compare it to anything? Thanks!
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Onassis is one of those retailers that I kind of want to stay 'hidden' so that I can keep them to myself, but am also immensely surprised that they haven't completely blown up yet.


First, their clothes are awesome. They blend the line almost perfectly between dressy and casual (most of my Onassis gear is worn both at work and around), and they do things that no other retailer I've found does, especially at their price point.


Also, their customer service is excellent (the employees in-store are incredibly kind and helpful and their online shop is easy to navigate, has free shipping, and makes returns pretty easy).



  • Clothing is co-designed in Tokyo, which means that their cuts are a bit 'smaller' and trimmer. Size up 1 whatever size you usually wear in mid-retail brands
  • They have a small enough following that most of their stuff eventually goes on sale, with most sizes still in stock at the end of the season. If there's something you like and you have the patience to wait it out, you can usually get it for much cheaper.
  • People have made a big deal about some of their seasonal items, but their pants are the best. They have great detailing and finishing, good quality fabrics, and the fit is wonderful, and they do things with some of their pants (they had some awesome herringbone pants and a unique dye pant that are incredible from a season ago) that you won't find at their price point anywhere else.


Excited to see what they bring out for the Fall.

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