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^^ Not sure if I know how to make them.
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Thank you all!

To a question on the shirt - all shirts have to sew on order, including this ...

Polishing shoes - shoe polish on the polishing Saphir


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Originally Posted by VictorSF View Post








ооо ателье Пронина штурмует новые Высоты?)
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On the road again, in Taipei this week...



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Gaz, that looks wonderful. Do I see wristraff that is not detailed? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by m0nday View Post

ооо ателье Пронина штурмует новые Высоты?)

Посмеялся над вашей шуткой. biggrin.gif Ибо в здравом уме повторять эту ересь некоторых товарищей - просто бредово. Очень обидно за этих людей. Но бог им судья. Мне же просто их жаль.


А вот вы просто пошутили, уверен в этом! И остались в здравом уме. Тогда смешно. rotflmao.gif


Спасибо вам за шутку! Как хорошо что вы не из стада! worship.gif Ведь это так, да? Подумайте, прежде чем отвечать...







I apologize for my weird sense of phrases from registered users.

This story is relevant only in Russian language resources which are not part of the most distant people see only the good in all advertising, envy and jealousy.

Thanks to this forum again. Here, in contrast to many Russian society is more tolerant of resources, tolerant and looks at the process before vego, art, exchange of experience and just for companionship. And a little worried about the jealousy and tries to find in all advertising.

Thank you friends that your forum is. It's just a vent! worship.gif




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Very cool! I liked this combination completely!

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Originally Posted by VictorSF View Post

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I'm not convinced by the casual bottom half against a much more-formal top half.
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Thank you!

Shirt pretty casual. Jacket - a brown blazer informal with brass buttons, which also informally.

Tie - agree with you here worship.gif - it adds the top half of the formalities.

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Please help me, if anyone can. In advance - thank you!

I can not boot in photo album, personal, perhaps it is related to limit the number of photos in a personal album.

I did not speak the command syntax Forum.

Are there any options laid out pictures in the message not from a personal album, and the link is not another resource?

But since that was not just a reference line, and she photograph with the given parameters of its size in the message and the possibility of full view when you click on a link?

If not difficult, then please give examples of the syntax of this tab

Thanks for your help!








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Tie was crooked. oh well.
6045394271_3d247933bd_b.jpg Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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The camera quality is fantastic.
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