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Princess Di wearing a tux.




Just sayin’ ...





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Obvious troll is obvious. Also boring as fuck.
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Originally Posted by Kylerton View Post

Okay, I'm getting better at the dimple game and i've put my loafers aside.

Need some suggestions where to find beautiful shoes in a Euro size 38? 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



What knot do you use? I find that a four-in-hand is very easy to dimple. Apologies if this has already been discussed.

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Originally Posted by SirJamesWinston View Post

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Ok. But you did not answer my very basic question. You also deleted several of my posts so I assumed you were a moderator. I understand your statement on "gender politics" but how can I respond when a female is wearing male clothing, without bringing in the very basic question of whether or not that is appropriate in the first place?

By this I mean, while I could comment on the fit, the patterns, the coloring, the earrings/plugs, the basic issue with the whole outfit is that a female is wearing a male business suit. So while I could say, this outfit looks off, the reason behind it is the why rather than the particulars. Any suggestions I would have for the outfit would only making it more along the lines of a female business suit, which can look good, though I agree with others on this site that a jacket will usually look better on a woman with a skirt rather than suit pants as it is more befitting to the female form and body. 

Likewise, if I posted pictures of myself in a female business suit or pant suit, a-la Michael Scott, what would your reaction be? If I posted pictures of me wearing my wife's clothing on this thread, would it be deleted as it is not menswear? Where do you draw the line, which is the very question people that wear clothing in this way are begging to ask? Clearly some people on this thread like the gender reversal look in style as the person's look demonstrated, as some men also like non-kilt skirts on men, man purses, several finger rings, and wrist bracelets.

If you say that I deleted your posts because you were being too aggressive or mean-spirited, I am fine with that, I apologize, and will learn from this for the future. Some of the other responses are very full of holes in their logic. No religion? Fine. But how do you define maleness, or even what a man is without recognizing the larger framework or narrative? No politics? Fine. But how do you keep order on a site like this without some type of rules/laws/moderators acting as judiciary figures? And the comment on weight, height or baldness? These three things have much to do with how we dress and so should be brought up - albeit in a more charitable manner than I did. For example, if someone's clothing is too tight and their heft is showing, would we not point that out in a charitable fashion? The question of people who should (not must, we are free; wait that is a religious statement) lose weight for their health, and spend a lot of money on clothes, versus being or getting slim and looking good in most anything, is an interesting question that has been posed several times on this site, but I won't get in to it here. The point being, weight does matter to what you wear and how much to invest in a wardrobe if you are still trying to lose weight. And the number one reason why Americans typically dress so badly is undoubtedly because of our weight, which is constantly fluctuating (read increasing), and thus yoga or sweatpants with drawstrings and cheap t-shirts. Why invest in MTM, let alone bespoke, if our weight is gaining (or losing for less people) xx lbs per year? Again, a very basic menswear question. Would it not be best to say, keep the priority on the clothes, and be charitable in all things?  

Lastly, this part of the site is called Classic Menswear. The individual's look was 1) not classic by any means, and 2) not Menswear. So why was it not deleted or moved to the "What you want women to wear thread", or given its own thread (Women's Menswear"?) as it is so avant-garde? I don't have anything more to say, and because you never said I was allowed to, I will refrain from commenting on the individual's photos. 

A few thoughts: yes, it is appropriate to comment on someone's physique, skin coloration, etc, when it is pertinent to the perceived success or failure of their outfit. Adding ad hominem commentary is not appropriate: "you should consider wearing pleated trousers because flat fronts are accentuating your midsection" vs."better get pleats; flat fronts make you look like a big fatass". These things can be commented on constructively and politely.

The Classic Menswear tag is more approximate than absolute: members tend to be fairly open-minded about what constitutes CM, or at least open to debate on same, as well sometimes more casual fits are also welcome, particularly by members whose CM style is already firmly established. If a woman wants to wear men's tailored clothing, and open herself up to criticism/commentary here, why not? She will still be subject to the same criteria that applies to the menz, i.e., fit, color and pattern matching, clothing quality, etc.

Somewhat off topic, and this may have been discussed/the OP may be well aware of, and/or currently employing, but there are now a number of tailors who create tailored menswear specifically with the female body in mind. Think I read an article in The NY Times on this a year or 2 back.

edit: found the article http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/11/fashion/a-masculine-silhouette-tailored-for-her.html

edit 2: oops, just realized OP is in fact seller of menswear created for women. nvrmnd
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

And if you would like to continue to discuss the rules, as I said, you can do so on the Transparent Moderation Thread, or you can PM me, and I'll discuss this further with you. But for the benefit of this particular thread, let's drop the issue here.

Hey Winston… which part of the above didn't you understand?
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Recovery outfit today after a two day trek down the Virgin Narrows and a two day hike through Coyote Gulch before that.

Hiking attire (Click to show)

Bonus shoe circle shot from the Narrows. Dub monk river boots icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Kylerton View Post


Need some suggestions where to find beautiful shoes in a Euro size 38? 


Click on "Luxeswap" under the "Industry Insiders" list (at the right of your screen, some way down the page) and go to his post from a few hours ago. Spoo has a large number of Carmina shoes in various styles and sizes on sale right now at good discounts. But you'll have to be quick.

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Originally Posted by Academic2 View Post

Princess Di wearing a tux.




Now I know where Donald Trump got his hairstyle from.

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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

I have learned that speaking your mind just bluntly draws more negativity. Just because people don't say it does not mean there aren't people who agree with you. If you have something constructive then we are all for it but just blatant negativity, racism, and sexism is not the place for here. This is the internet and some may feel like they are hiding behind their monitors and can say whatever. But that is not the case. There are people who build good relationships here not just in the virtual world but also in real life. I have learned that it is best to supress negativity. Believe me, I have done it before and have lots of my own opinions. But if it doesn't help anyone then I keep it to myself.

Informed criticism is welcome. (Personally I'm not there yet) Ignorant negative comments are not.
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Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post



Crusty, that is truly inspirational.  It takes some real bottle to go all-white, whatever the occasion.  I have been thinking of something similar for a while and am now resolved absolutely to get it.  


Also, I disagree with Butch about the shirt: light blue or perhaps a micro-check is perfect I think, but I'd have liked more contrast with the tie - in tone, not colour - e.g. navy.  


But really, beautiful.  Thank you.

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Went to the tailor today.  He's always been very nice to me, but he and his son were very rude to another customer.  I'm not 100% sure what the issues was all about, but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  It might be time to find a new tailor.  :(




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Women often look bad in suits because there's no culture supporting women wearing suits. My partner cannot even find anything off the rack of the right size. No women's shirts actually button up, and those that do don't have collars designed around having ties. How on earth can women learn to dress properly in suits what that's the case? Only people who do a lot of work/research on an area that is often extremely uninformative for adapting to women, and has the money and patience to go MTM/bespoke, and naturally there aren't many, especially when they don't have to, as dictated by their work expectations.


I think there are plenty women that do look good in suits though, it's just difficult for most to get into it. I personally think Ether Quek has very good sense of colors and style though of course she's a fashion writer/editor.


edit: sorry had to butt in because I read some comments, plz don't ban me, I will not keep discussing this if you don't want "political" discussion here though I imagine in reality it's not really political more like one person with extremely moronic and old fashioned views but whatever.

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A day at the Races:

I realize that the jacket is standing away from me. I didn't really get it into alignment.
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Originally Posted by feastmaster View Post

A day at the Races: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I realize that the jacket is standing away from me. I didn't really get it into alignment.

I think a ticket pocket on a jacket with patch flap pockets looks very strange.  What color is the shirt?  I don't think the color works well in the fit.  Nice bow and pants.  

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