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Originally Posted by dcg View Post

Isn't that what HELOCs are for?

I mean, that and kopping Rolexes?

even so, it covers not everything.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

completely irrelevant. this is SF. it is what it is. if you are wearing the wrong navy blazer, you get told. yes, i can sympathize and empathize with not having infinite money to buy everything you want and cover every possible iteration of navy blazer, but that does not make a wrong fit ok. i would simply just skip the jacket in that case.  or at least not post it here and expect anything less than being told it looks wrong.

This. I should have mentioned, that's what I meant. Kind of like, sure, you can grab a second cookie out of the cookie jar. It's acceptable... as long as mom isn't looking. Just don't tell her.


Rephrase to...


And you could wear it casual and 95% of the world wouldn't know the difference. I think it looks OK, but within certain parameters. I know I'll get a lot of, "no it's absolutely not OK," but in the real world, you some times have to make do and might not have the luxury of owning 3-4-5 types of navy blazers. Just don't post it where you've got people waiting to tell you it's not acceptable, because that's exactly what you'll get. I have one. It's a nailhead. I'll wear it with button-ups and jeans to nice parties. SF may say it's not cool, but that's fine because I don't show them (though I did once and it was received fine). I'm making do because I don't have a navy cotton blazer.



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Originally Posted by mcobinad View Post

Today's outfit. Sorry guys for the copious pictures. I hard great difficulty this morning deciding which pair of shoe to coordinate my outfit. As you will notice that I had different shoes on. I finally settled for the shannon boots. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Lovely outfit and the boots are to die for but you have to take all your jackets to your alterations tailor and fix the tightness. Obviously, you are very good at pairing outfits, it's just the excessive pulling that needs to go.

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lawlz @ jester

btw, i like cousin D, he is a good dude. and i like most of his fits too. thats part of why i felt it would be ok to be a dick to him. :/
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Originally Posted by mrjester View Post

This. I should have mentioned, that's what I meant. Kind of like, sure, you can grab a second cookie out of the cookie jar. It's acceptable... as long as mom isn't looking. Just don't tell her.


Rephrase to...





You don't need every single iteration, but get a cotton navy blazer for casual wear and wool one for more formal wear. I wear my cotton blazer all the time, and they're usually much cheaper than wool ones. Just keep an eye out for sales and I'm sure you can find one on the cheap. 


If you're going to use the blazer for parties and other casual situations, you might as well get a uniqlo cotton blazer as a beater. I'm sure it'll last you for at least a year or 2, and it's on sale for $50.

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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

I appreciate all the feedback, compliments and thumbs. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I recognized the fit wouldn't be for everyone. Could I have done a solid navy green tie, pale blue shirt, and navy socks? Sure. But what will I have learned? Moreover, as I mentioned in the post, I'm in a mood lately where I want to get a bit more bold and push my boundaries, having done a lot of "less" fits over the winter. That will almost necessarily translate to less universal appeal, and I'm OK with that. Constructive feedback as to what worked and didn't will still be helpful, which is why I post (some) of my less StyFo approved fits.

I don't usually go in for defending fits, nor will I here. If it worked it worked and if it didn't it didn't. Again, I'm aware there were elements I could have changed and toned down to give it more universal appeal. To the extent I chose not to, I need to also be OK with the outcome.

The difficulty from a learning and growth perspective is that evaluation here isn't universal. Some members do 4 patterns (neat on stripe under check with bold square) and get high praise, others do similar fits and get busted. Same with loud ties. Striped shirts. Etc. (Footnote: I believe this is what the whole DTO/Phat Guido thing was really about, btw). Yes, it's all in execution, of course, and rightly so. But it's definitely true that some posters are given a pass as a rule, and others judged harshly as a rule.

This is neither new nor should it be surprising; it's been observed many times before. There can be any number of reasons, some legit others BS -- fit might be off, or the poster usually posts more universally appealing fits (and thus prove that the variance is intentional), in some cases it's because they've committed to a particular idiom, time and again, and that gradually gains acceptance (or at least respect for the commitment), and in other cases it has to do with photography and/or photogeneticism/body type (yes, slim guys do a LOT better here as a rule -- Compare the number of regular 20+ posters who are a size 40 or under versus 42 or above; there's no contest). I think you all have helped me dial in fit much better, but many of the rest remain strikes against me -- I'm not slim (though I'm trying), I have no desire to commit to a specific idiom (how boring), and I am, on average, generally less inclined toward the "less" camp than the "more" camp (though I think I've demonstrated I can do "less" when I want to).

This is neither a critique nor a complaint. Merely an observation that it makes it much harder to use this thread as a legit learning tool.

Good stuff, G, I am glad you took the time to type it out. Originally I was not going to reply, but I think now I will. You do make a lot of good points, but there are some areas that I think maybe I see things a little different than you.

First off, you are one of the good ones, and you take feedback very well, so do not think this is all aimed at you. Its more just me yakking because you brought the topic up and I like to yak.

That being said, comparing members to each other (go ahead, someone make the easy joke) is never useful or worth anything. Some people have special swagger, some people just know how to make things work for them and imitating is just not possible. For example, shy of actually stealing his wardrobe, and even them I doubt i could make it work, I could never do what TTO does. Just because he combines 5 patterns and looks awesome does not mean I can. Everyone has their strengths and they should cater to them imo.

Additionally, some people DO look bad, honestly, but posters have given up on telling them so because they have proven impervious to feedback and are jet set in their ways (why they keep up with it is beyond me). Just because someone does not get shit does not mean they don't look like shit. As a matter of fact, if people give you shit its often a sign that they know you are willing to listen and improve, and there is no shortage of people here that got shit and now look like the shit.

As for thumbs, yes, I love thumbs, the more the merrier, but admittedly, they are not great arbiters of a fits quality. I have complied some of the batches for that thread and every time there are fits I see that have 12-15 that are better than some fits that get 23. Why? Who knows. Photography, personality, halo effect, someone gone for a while that returns, someone who made major improvements, slow SF traffic that day, post getting buried in following conversation about topics like these... countless reasons, but one should never think because their fit did not get enough thumbs that it is bad.

To that end, if one can separate themselves from what they perceive as how others are treated, there is a lot to be gained.

As far as feedback, and being bold, I posted this in another thread, and this is not exactly on point, but kind of related, so I want to share it here too because I think it may be useful to some people to read. And also because I am a narcissist.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
If I could pontificate for a minute and delve into some psychoanalysis, I would offer the following.

No one buys things that they think look bad. When we choose items, we try them on, and when something that appeals to us, we buy it. The issue is, that what SF considers good is usually different than what most people intuitively think looks nice. In both design and fit. Most of us did not grow up in an SF environment. I guarantee that most of us were far more influenced by GQ, Esquire, pop culture and the like long before we arrived here.

We probably thought we looked damn good, so when a barrage of SFers tell you look like crap, its a pretty harsh shock, and on top of it, you usually don't understand why it looks like crap because your eye sees it as great. The challenge lies in our accepting that although we think we look good, maybe we don't, and in challenging ourselves to retrain our eyes and allow ourselves to see things differently.

If we refuse to accept feedback and change our perspective, we will never improve our looks to SF standards. Now, that is fine. If a person thinks they look awesome, and they do not like or want the SF look, and I'd like to note that SF allows for a broad range of personal style, just within a certain confine of points that should be hit, then great, but stop posting here. Trying to shove your look down the throat of a forum that is well established and knows what it likes is a wasteful endeavor for everyone. If you are so cock sure you look amazing and all the women you see and your friends you know tell you so, great, make a blog and hand out cards with the url.

That being said, what I did was this. As you noted, I got pretty much the same feedback fit after fit, detailing what I was doing wrong by SF standards, and after I while, I knew what was wrong when I got dressed without having to ask. And that which used to look good to my eye now looked bad, as I began to develop a greater appreciation for the SF aesthetic. So I stopped posting and bought some new stuff. And I started to get feedback that sounded like this, "Hey Stitch, x and y look much better, but a, b and c are still off." Some things pertaining to fit, others to color/pattern/formality combination errors.

After a while, those things started to sink in more, and I sold off some stuff and bought some more stuff. Eventually I got to the point where I had retrained myself to understand intuitively was was good and what was bad, within the SF preferred look, and that was my goal. Not because I had some idea that SF was gospel, but because when I looked at pictures of the guys here that hit the SF mark, I said to myself, "wow, those guys dress a million times better than me, and I would like to look like that." Even though at the start I thought I looked good, I appreciated that if I consented to the fact the maybe I don't know everything, I could look a lot better.

It took a solid 2 years or more, and I am still learning, but after a lot of trial and error and after a lot of buying and selling, I finally reached a point where I felt satisfied in what I had and how I dressed. That is not to say I think that I have reached my end game, or that I have no improvements to make, but that I think I have really got to the point that I comprehend what SF has taught me, and I know how to continue on the road to improvement.

I think the more apt one is to take on this kind of perspective, the more likely they are to improve, and to enjoy what SF has to offer, both as an instrument to dressing better and as a community.
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This and all this ^ Stitchy icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

G's thumbs essay had many valid points. But nothing will make that contrast collar shirt work in that fit.
Haha! Fair enough.

Thoughts where it might work? As Stich says, I bought it because something about it spoke to me. I've seen contrast collars (usually not BD, but still) deployed well here and elsewhere, and not always with "city" suits. That's part of what the experimentation was about. Also, the striped part has nice texture. I'd appreciate any suggestions for where it might work in other contexts.
Originally Posted by luv2breformed View Post

Look at Spoo's jacket here. It also says "business is dumb". It's still a navy blazer, but it tells me the same message as your shirt does, so I don't get confused.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

If you wore that jacket with your same shirt and a cream silk square I would like your fit much more.

So this is a good example. And I dutifully resisted singling out any particular posters, because I don't want to inadvertently offend those whose styles I deeply respect, which would include Spoo.
But this is a good example where I find it hard to square the advice I get with the reference I observe. Look at those stripes. Both thin/very city in a casual fit AND multi colored/"fun" (of the type that's not supposed to get love here). Then there is the formality of the small dots. Yes, I get that the texture works well with the jacket, but as an overall element it seems to be at odds with the informality of the rest of the fit. Add the silk of the square and what seems like a very fine weave shirt, and the fit seems to be occupying numerous spaces on the Great Vox Continuum. So I struggle to understand how it works. I'll grant you that it does, on some level. But why to the level of reverence? Or, said differently, how to distinguish the successful discordance here with my unsuccessful discordance yesterday?

Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Good stuff, G, I am glad you took the time to type it out. Originally I was not going to reply, but I think now I will. You do make a lot of good points, but there are some areas that I think maybe I see things a little different than you.

First off, you are one of the good ones, and you take feedback very well, so do not think this is all aimed at you.
Thanks, S, for the comments, compliment and the time. Good food for thought, all around.


Of course, after opening my huge, fat mouth yesterday, I woke up today in a more subdued mood. Blame the fog and cool weather.

photo 8ac87f70-e0f7-4ec2-8731-55b0db518449_zpsff25d99c.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo IMG_7193_zps7d64d6a8.jpgphoto 26ea920a-0931-4f69-8f95-e4fdb6a78e49_zpsd66d0d20.jpg
A Jules
Pal Zileri
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That is really nice.

Also, worth noting, that while spoo does get lots of love, some of his fits do not get lots of thumbs. It's probably for some of the reasons that you said, that people maybe find some incoherent aspects there but no one wants to point it out because they know that he knows that already has decided that he does not care. And that's fine.

And sometimes, as I also said, even though some of the things may be technically off, he manages to pull them off in a way that is unique to him. Not everyone is that fortunate or skilled.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

In short: Acrid's SF noob life cycle. smile.gif
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What was the New York?

You won't allow me to wear my SeerSucker suit? 

fuc u den



Holla at me Lagos. 





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(What I wore Wednesday)

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Hot damn, Tira!

Looking good, six.
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End of a long day and longer week, but the start of an interminable evening.




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