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Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post

Yep, the vest would look better with a less shiny suit. I usually reserve odd vests for the more country fits, as it is much more congruent.

I think you may be right about the sheen of the suit, buy this vest is closer to a morning waistcoat, than a country one, and I like the colour combination, and general idea. I think it's quite a good fit.
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Originally Posted by acecow View Post

I've already posted my thoughts on your socks. smile.gif I think they're too matchy-matchy.

I have a tie in the exact same pattern as the socks.  I made a conscious effort not to wear it today.  Odds are pretty high that I will in the future though.  :nest:

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Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post

Aye, but does the meat have sprezz?

I'm pretty sure this is how people get salmonella.

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Happy anniversary, AAS.

I would say that Noodles is drunk, but he says that he's off the drink since his wedding.
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Cooler weather today, so breaking in new sportcoat, checked shirt, denim. Kinda ho-hum until dinner later tonight
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Yount, Yount, Wang

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Foxx - your fit pics of late are great. How much tweaking is involved in your SC's & Suits?
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I like it a lot too, and I even like the black shoes with this outfit. I usually prefer brown with trousers that color but I actually think this is great with the outfit as it draws focus more towards the chest area.
Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

yea I like I think I'll keep it..everyone has different tastes..
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Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

First day back at school, 1st go at the yellow tie challenge, 9 year wedding anniversary, and just got my 20,000th follower on my blog.  A good day.  Level of excitement not necessarily in that order. 


Thoughts, if any, on the socks.  


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








Great shoes! The socks are a bit matchy, but I don't mind it at all. Wearing a cardigan with a yellow tie is probably the way to go, because it hides most of it. No snark intended, I'm a fan of yellow ties. Congrats on the anniversary and the amount of blog followers btw!

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I find @Rudals sudden passion encouraging, but I would like to caution against passive aggression. Throwing out a comment like "Thanks to GMac for righting the ship" and "I just think that other fit looks like shit" don't help the community police itself more astutely, which is what I think he would like to see. We all hate it when our superiors choose to make broad policy changes or proclamations merely because of one or two misbehaving individuals. We accuse them of lacking the stones for direct confrontation and, in so doing, hurting or oppressing the innocent masses. Be direct. This community has thumbs for positive reinforcement, but nothing but its words for negative corrective actions, so use them. If you don't like Shoe Artist's fits say so and say why. That spurs debate and the community learns (although not necessarily what you want it to learn). 


I think you want to do this, Noodles, which is why you find pB so refreshing, so do it. Provided everyone is agreeable when disagreeing, no harm no foul.

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^ This
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Perfect timing. I have to wear a suit the next couple of days, and this is about the only context, within the confines of what I own, that I could wear a yellow tie.



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surprised this isn't getting much love.  without the square it's a nice fit IMO.  Gray suits r awsm... an-y tie at all. (except gray)




Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

Crucify me if you all want but I really think he looks like $#!T. :nest:


Rudals  'he' is standing rite next to u (in cyberspace)    :teach: :satisfied:


But mind u, not too many posters more representative of opposite ends of the CBD - dandy spectrum than you and Shoeartist 





Originally Posted by Cotton Dockers View Post

@eviltimeban - might be your best yet, beautiful tie.


@GMMcL - Fantasmic.


@in stitches - welcome back to the land of the posting.


Giving this jacket another shot:



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CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


That is a super-tough jacket to pair CD.  I don't think those trews have quite enough contrast.  What about going darker?  mid-gray, say  


I've seen Luciano Barbera do this look a lot with gray/tan lighter jackets

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re: SeaJen's post

Or at least have the guts to actually call someone out by name because otherwise that tough talk doesn't seem tough at all.

He's nicer than I am. Or at least less direct.
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Yount, Yount, Wang

Deets on pants? Would like to know what works with the jacket's color, been eyeing one for a while now.
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Kent Wang custom charcoal suit
Borrelli FC
Ralph Lauren Purple Label seven fold tie (and the rare double FIH)
Thrifted hand rolled white cotton PS
Creed Orange Spice
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