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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post


convo'd with YRR earlier in the week about green SCs- they don't play well IMO. The one's that seem to work usually have quite a bit of moss or olive + other colors in tweedy patterns, but even then.. I'd like to see a good one.





Yeah, CD, I have to admit, the green blazer is going to be tough, especially since you dress in such quiet good taste. If it were a forest green, then it would have great potential, but as it stands, it's a bit much for how you dress. Also, I just don't like it.


Now, as somebody who owns both an olive tweed, and a bright red blazer, it might seem like that requires some cognitive dissonance, but my olive coat is very subtle, and my red jacket is really heavy wool, almost like melton, which works better than hopsack for this.

Red and Olive (Click to show)


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Casual Friday:

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Originally Posted by luv2breformed View Post
Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post

And I've none. :(


You've made it very clear that you don't care to take the ample advice that you've received here and are then surprised you don't get any thumbs? :confused:

Woh woh, when did I say that? I don't remember ever saying that. I may have said I like the odd flowery tie, but never ignored advice. I've gotten good thumbage in the past (I think 17 is my record) so I know what to "do" to get thumbs. I was just making a joke about the situation in response to Rudal's post.


And Stitches the tie is actually a light blue rather than a silver. Anyway. It was more about the new suit rather than the tie.


Chocosa my man, saving me from being a total loser.


Oh and I remember wearing that tie before, Gianni said "beautiful ties" in his own inimitable way... :D 

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Thanks again for the thumbs and whatnot.

As I said yesterday, the fall textures and colors aren't yet fully exorcised.

photo a05f46b1-c85e-452e-8796-6cc556ed91c0_zps8e303101.jpg
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo 0d755680-d3ea-45c5-9ddf-cf306bdbd20b_zps7ad0dd17.jpg
photo IMG_5565_zpsb17f8099.jpg
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Originally Posted by Owen Meany View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

NoOOooOOo. It has been officially documented by those that document such thing that Los Angeles' 405 and 101 are the worse freeways in the world! God I hate LA!

Edit: I live in LA, so I get to have an opinion..and can compare the same to my living in San Francisco (10 years) and San Diego (9 years) which are so much better than anything about LA

Word! LA does suck, but mostly because of the weather. I fail to see how San Diego is better than LA.
Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post

And I've none. frown.gif

That's because of the tie and the pocket square, man. Your suits are wonderful, but you keep coming up with these tie-shirt-ps combinations that don't look good.
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Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post

Woh woh, when did I say that? I don't remember ever saying that. I may have said I like the odd flowery tie, but never ignored advice. And Stitches I may have missed what you said about this fit - I didn't see any reply about it?


In regards to thumbs, I was thinking about this one in particular:



Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post


I do respect it. And I understand it. I don't go into that fit thinking that it'll get 20 thumbs. But then again I don't go into a fit with the express purpose of getting approval on Style Forum. My failing, such that it is, is trying to wear a different combo each time. So sometimes I take risks, and while I don't think my gingham shirt / pink tie fit was a total fail, I can understand why some people would think it is, based on what they themselves are posting.


In regards to not taking advice, generally your demeanor towards negative feedback has been something to the effect of "That's not how we do it in my neck of the woods" OR "It works for me" which is tantamount to saying thanks but no thanks I'll do it my way. Don't recall you ever saying anything to the effect of "Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep it in mind next time!" Examples abound, but here's just a few:


Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post


Well yes (and nothing taken the wrong way). I did actually pick the tie first and then I suppose the rest was experimentation - sure, it would've worked better with a white or light blue shirt, but I went for what I went for and I was happy enough with it. Isn't all this about trying things, and seeing what works, seeing what people like vs your own opinion? And that's where we're at a cross roads.


Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post

To say its "all over the place" IMO is a bit much; I have a good idea of what looks good and what doesn't, and I'm not naive enough to think that what I'm doing isn't risky or different or on the cusp of "wrong"... but I think I get it right maybe 60% of the time; the other 40 I'm happy with but realise they don't "fit in" to the STFY world; so I base what I wear around partly what I know what is defined as "classic" or "approved", but also to provoke and stand out. Sure, I like to stand out. Sometimes, only.... :-)


Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post

It is a controversial look. That tie has been quite unpopular around these parts, but has also gotten some good feedback too. I hear what you are saying, but I disagree. :) The shirt is a light colour which means that no matter how big the check is, its is still fairly mellow - in steps the 'outre' tie and brightens it up, but also fits into the design, like a little puff of a pink cloud in a blue sky. ;-) The suit is a business suit and while I get what you are saying, the very reason I am wearing it is due to the Friday challenge - which is to wear a lighter tie than your suit / jacket. Hence, cream or white wouldn't have worked in this context. thanks for the feedback though.


I take it back, you did say thanks for the feedback in that last one. However it was very much in a "you're wrong but thanks for trying" sort of way IMO.


What you don't seem to be able to grasp is that there are ways to mix it up within suit and tie and still make it look good. There is so much within CBD to play with between textures, solids, neats, stripes. Heck, Clags' looks are very "city" most of the time and he's really only one step below where you are at in terms of formality. It would be quite simple to take much advice from his looks for yourself. Instead you pin an over the top tie on a worsted business suit like 80% of the time. It's like your schtick at this point. I see bad ties all day every day. It is the easiest accessory to go loud on and as such it just looks amateur. Why not try sedate tie/loud shirt? Why not try sedate tie loud square? Perhaps my tastes have just molded to appreciate more subtle changes at this point . . .


However, Stiches has pretty much told you all of this at this point and you just keep saying you're good to go, so I don't know why I'm wasting my breath(keystrokes). Perhaps I have been reading your posts in ways other than you intend, but this is how I've seen it from where I sit. I just find it sad because typically your suits fit pretty well and you are a fairly dedicated poster, and yet you can't seem to genuinely mix it up in an interesting way. I just scroll by typically going, welp ANOTHER loud paisley from ETB, next.


Sorry if I come off as a jerk, because I am genuinely not trying to be. As always, YMMV. Take care, best of luck etc.

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Casual Friday

Sad attempt at a full shot: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by ianGP View Post



Ian, this is absolutely fabulous. Given the scale of the tie I think a small scale repeating pattern in the square would be preferable, or a solid (dare I say cream silk would be great here?). It's a nit, however. You look really, really great!

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Glad to see someone knows how to dress in DC. Nice look, Ian.
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If you don't want to read a dick post, or you don't really care about established SF style or mantra, and just want to keep on marching to your personal beat of doing what you want and reminding yourself that people in real life love how you look, then please do not read the remainder of this post. Seriously. Simply scroll past this post and keep on keeping on.

If, however, you are interested in improvement by SF standards, and you are willing to accept that maybe, just maybe, you can use some help, then please do continue reading.

Not too long ago there were posters here that have been around for ages and were well regarded and appreciated for their breadth of knowledge. They would do new posters THE FAVOR of telling them when they looked like crap. Be it individual items, item combinations, or fit, if it was bad, they said so. Sometimes harshly, but with the explicit goal of trying to help people look better and improve. They did this for a long time. And for many reasons, too many to enumerate, they pretty much all but stopped.

We are now left with many posters that also have a breadth of knowledge and have proven that they learned what SF was teaching and they dress in exemplary fashion. However, they are for the most part new-ish, and very nice, and simply do not carry the weight of the old guard. As such, the criticism has been toned down, the atmosphere of "I like it so its good" has become ever larger and the push back is harder.

Now, I don't have a lot of knowledge, and I don't always dress in exemplary fashion, and I have had many a not so nice response to the feedback and knowledgable that people in the past were kind enough to give me. But I have learned a thing or two, and I do understand a lot about what makes SF great and what type of looks are great by SF standards. The above has been something I have thinking about for a while, and I decided that I wanted to say something.

There are too many specific areas to address, so will address only one for now. And perhaps it will be the only area I address at all.

Ties. Its not very nuanced at its simplest and its the easiest to point out. My apologies to the people who posted the examples I am going to give, and I hope that you realize that this is not in the spirit of degradation, it is in the spirit of trying to be helpful. To help the continuity of what SFs boundaries are. Or at least what they were.

The following ties are bad. They are either garish or too loud or of a bad color for tie or flat out ugly, but they are all bad. There is no way around it. There is no specific reason to say why this is true, it simply is true by SFs standards. As such, if you want to wear such a tie, go right ahead, but if you decide to post one here, please don't be surprised or indignant when you are told that your tie is ugly. SF is trying to help you. Trying to give you a leg up in the world of looking good. If you do not care, that is fine, but please don't waste anyones time defending your choice. Simply accept that they are ugly ties here, and then choose to wear them or not. But at least have the respect to appreciated that SF did not pull this out of its ass.

That said....

bad ties (Click to show)


If you are also interested in knowing what a nice tie looks like according to SFs standards, I have gathered some examples of that as well, so you may understand what SF says is a nice tie.

good ties (Click to show)

Apologies for being a dick, but sometime tough love is the best love.
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Thanks Rudals cheers.gif

Steetchy! slowclap.jpg
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Originally Posted by luv2breformed View Post

Ian, this is absolutely fabulous. Given the scale of the tie I think a small scale repeating pattern in the square would be preferable, or a solid (dare I say cream silk would be great here?). It's a nit, however. You look really, really great!

Thanks L2BR! I have a very limited selection of PS but I'll keep that in mind on my next shopping spree!
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Stiches STILL laying down the truth. MY MAN.

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L2BR you really dedicated yourself to proving your point didn't you?


I still don't think all that means I haven't learned anything. I figure after nearly a year I know how to "do" SF approved looks, and I've posted them in the past. Like any good performer I can turn it on when I need to. 


However I shall refrain from posting these kinds of things from now on - I promise, you will never see my pink / light blue / green "bad" ties anymore. I'll just post my navy / grey / brown "good" ties. No more gingham or bold check shirts; just plain solids or subtle stripes. So you'll all be happy.



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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

How the heck do I already have 16 thumbs up?! :lol:


Mostly because it looks good.  :D


Click for optional snarky remark: (Click to show)


Also because it's Friday, and some of us have started our weekend drinking a bit early ...  :devil:


(... but mostly because it looks good ...  :fonz:)





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