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Depends on the purple, but as a general rule, that seems daft.
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Originally Posted by YRR92 View Post

Pliny -- I have to admit, I didn't get the anti-gray jacket bias, until it clicked for me that all the ones I know and love are, like, Harris tweed. Patch pockets aren't right for every tweed, and I don't love them on dense patterns like most of what you have. The Sandringham you have there, the brown windowpane, that could look cool with patch pockets, but I wouldn't know what trousers to wear with it.


I think a ticket pocket would do it. You could tuck it in if you wanted it to be stealthy.


the Sandringham (tan w/ blue overcheck) would go with lite wt mid-gray flannels IMO.  I'm going to look around for a soft Moonbeam-like navy with a white or ecru box check-  SB made a good point about that single thread check on the Fresco



Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

I didn't quote it (and I'm too lazy to go back to find it), but who said that purple ties shouldn't be worn with white shirts? Why would you say that?






Manton- in 'How to wear a white shirt' threak 'White is thought to be the perfect background for a variety of ties, a "blank canvas." But this is not so. Many colors look absolutely terrible with white: yellow, orange, rust, lavender, purple, nearly all greens' unquote


..  'terrible' is Mantonian hyperbole, but I think he has a point -  white shirts are formal, so non-classic colors look out of place

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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

..  'terrible' is Mantonian hyperbole, but I think he has a point -  white shirts are formal, so non-classic colors look out of place

Mantonian Hyperbole would be a great name for a rock band.
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I want to form a rap supergroup called "Hegelian Dialectics"


As far as white shirts, make it an oxford cloth, not necessarily BD though that helps, and place it in a casual suit or casual jacket context, and I think it'd work fine. Assuming the purple tie is also as casual.

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Originally Posted by EFV View Post

I think that if you're gonna go saturated shirt, you've gotta go all the way. Like maomao:

Teetering on the border between genius and insanity - but ultimately qualifying as neither - owing to the execrable shoes.

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^ Agreed, those shoes ruin it for me as well

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Originally Posted by TTO View Post


Beautiful look...fantastic combinations

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Originally Posted by theberg510 View Post

So, tonights lessons learned
1)orphaned jacket cannot be used as a sports coat
2)garish patterned tie needs smaller knot and less contrast with shirt
3)pocket square should NOT be matched with tie


1) Orphaned jacket can rarely be used as a sports coat. Come to think of it, this could be a good idea for a future Friday Challenge.

2) Garish patterned tie needs sedate everything-else (viz. Clags, St.F 2014:4), perfect width matching to jacket lapels, subtle colour coordination with at least one other element of the fit, and occasionally, fire.

3) Pocket square should complement tie in some difficult-to-pin-down-but-nevertheless-obvious-when-seen way.



Originally Posted by ImTheGroom View Post


Some other ties, and another shirt I forgot about, since I haven't worn it since last year. Not expecting any love fur the silver tie, or the Bill Blass, third from the top :P

That Bill Blass would be the ideal tie for a world-famous be-bop alto saxophone player. Are you one?


Originally Posted by ImTheGroom View Post

Love the whole thing, @StanleyVanBuren!

Please help me out here. Why do people put an "@" in front of things? Or a "#"? Is this some kind of arcane internet-voodoo technique allowing one, ultimately, to make money?


Also, why does everyone except me have a tumblr? Does anyone actually read anyone else's tumblr? If I made a tumblr, and filled it with "@" and "#" markings, might I get laid?

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Bespoke double-breasted Mimmo Pirozzi Naples, Bespoke shirts D'Avino, Bespoke vintage ties and bespoke pocket-square Passaggio Cravatte



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Originally Posted by BriceT1000 View Post

You, my friend, are a husky guy even while & after dropping all of the weight (congratulations by the way). It appears to be your natural build so try a 3-button jacket if you haven't already. I highly recommend this. It will bring your visual weight down a bit. I would try a little bit wider (not too wide) tie with a prince albert knot (double 4-in-hand). This is personal but I think some here may agree that there is very limited circumstances where a windsor knot is necessary and if you find yourself in one, wear a bow tie instead. I am sort of an anti-windsor. Also, with all of the lavenders and blues, don't confuse colors with character. You can only look sharp in more vibrant pattern/color combos if you have built your competence with the basics.

If you don't have a big budget the best favor you can do for yourself is to find some items that are flattering and fit nicely, then have a good tailor take care of the rest for you. I am not sure about where you are located but I know that here in Denver there is a shop or two that specializes in carry luxury menswear that is secondhand for great prices. I am talking Isaia, Zegna, Versace etc. Try to snoop out a shop like this in your area if you aren't comfortable with Ebay or cruise our for sale forums.

Yes I am a stocky guy, I always struggle with getting jackets that fit due to being 5'10'' but very broad. I figured that 2 buttons would be better for my height buy will try some 3 button and see how they look.

I live in rural southern scotland so access to shops and tailors are somewhat limited. On the other hand 6 of the maybe 20 shops in the village are woollen mills that selo Harris Tweed and cashmere.
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@Gianni Cerutti, that's completely insane, but somehow it works for you! The jacket is beautifully cut and the tie is extraordinary. I would say that the pocket square is perhaps a little too close in colour to the tie (if it's possible to make any comments about colour here...). Is your tie on Viagra BTW?

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You mean when it's not about other important stuff like how great Texas is, or how tall certain posters are?

Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Point me in their direction and I will devil.gif . Though that may be a fair point on all solids + crazy shirt. Still, it wouldn't be a look for the faint of heart. Or someone still getting the feeling for classic menswear.

Dressing well, understanding what looks good, being able to make marketable clothing, and being able to make clothing which look good are four different talents. In your case, there is a tremendous amount of overlap. For a variety of reasons, this isn't true for a lot of folks out there.

re: the other conversation going on here.

Guys, this thread isn't Help Me Dress 101. Not a huge deal for a post or two, but this has been going on for a couple of pages. This thread benefits when it is nice and image heavy with solid analysis in between. Not bickering over early 90's "fun" ties.
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Holy crap Eliod, that is one nice suit.

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