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Pliny -- I have to admit, I didn't get the anti-gray jacket bias, until it clicked for me that all the ones I know and love are, like, Harris tweed. Patch pockets aren't right for every tweed, and I don't love them on dense patterns like most of what you have. The Sandringham you have there, the brown windowpane, that could look cool with patch pockets, but I wouldn't know what trousers to wear with it.


I think a ticket pocket would do it. You could tuck it in if you wanted it to be stealthy.

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Love the whole thing, @StanleyVanBuren!
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Originally Posted by ImTheGroom View Post

Well, should I be trying to win your business, or be invited to dinner at your house, I will wear a burgundy tie, with dots, or stripes. smile.gif

should either of those happen, you will not be judged by your tie. but in here, you will be. weird right? smile.gif


side bar, there is crazy that is ugly and crazy that is not ugly. that is important to know.
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I find these both to be the latter. And, I am confident I won't be judges by my tie, which makes the effort all the more appropriate.
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ITG thinks they aren't ugly. Everyone else disagrees. This is what the last two (three) pages has been about, right? Having summed all that up, let's apply what NickP said about wearing bold shirts to wearing less than sedate ties(if you missed it due to being apoplectic about garish ties/someone criticizing your garish ties, it was that the British will often wear shirts we'd consider inappropriate for a tie in an all solid context). If a tie is ugly, it's ugly. It can be bold and ugly and sedate and ugly. But if you want to make a loud tie look alright, the safest course is probably to make everything else as sedate as possible. 


I'm wearing one of my louder ties today. It's a fairly boring fit overall; I doubt there is a poster here who leans so heavily on navy jackets and gray pants, but they are easy and they allow me to explore my extensive tie collection without worry. Because it's loud, I made sure everything else was very low key.




SF Family:

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That works, even if your chest looks like a barber shop entrance.

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Least I got hair to cut, boyo

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I have hair to cut also!! On my neck. ffffuuuu.gif
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On a more serious note, your shirt collar does not appear to be closing in an optimal way. : (
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Yup. They sometimes do that, though on the second shots it's worsened because I'm leaning over when I take them, causing the fabric to pivot slightly around the button.

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The fashionz do not accept your answer of:

"They sometimes do that"

Please come up with something better.

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Originally Posted by theberg510 View Post

Right ok. As I'm sure you can tell I am knew to this. I work in a hotel so do not want to spend a lot of money when the likelihood is my clothes will get ruined by food or drink or hard use. However, I'm bored with the black suit/white shirt/solid coloured tie every day. I have been looking on here for inspiration but without the feedback and reasons why and how you gents put your outfits together I would just continue blundering along throwing in a pocket square etc. and I believe that things should be done properly so thank you all for your input and many apologies for my rambling.


You, my friend, are a husky guy even while & after dropping all of the weight (congratulations by the way). It appears to be your natural build so try a 3-button jacket if you haven't already. I highly recommend this. It will bring your visual weight down a bit. I would try a little bit wider (not too wide) tie with a prince albert knot (double 4-in-hand). This is personal but I think some here may agree that there is very limited circumstances where a windsor knot is necessary and if you find yourself in one, wear a bow tie instead. I am sort of an anti-windsor. Also, with all of the lavenders and blues, don't confuse colors with character. You can only look sharp in more vibrant pattern/color combos if you have built your competence with the basics.


If you don't have a big budget the best favor you can do for yourself is to find some items that are flattering and fit nicely, then have a good tailor take care of the rest for you. I am not sure about where you are located but I know that here in Denver there is a shop or two that specializes in carry luxury menswear that is secondhand for great prices. I am talking Isaia, Zegna, Versace etc. Try to snoop out a shop like this in your area if you aren't comfortable with Ebay or cruise our for sale forums.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

The fashionz do not accept your answer of:

"They sometimes do that"

Please come up with something better.


They never do this. My shirts are flawless. Everywhere I go, people tell me how wonderfully my collars close. That lighting is creating shadows which exaggerate the overlap effect. If I had better lighting and a better camera, you'd be able to see how top notch my collars are. But I have better things to do than set up a dslr and tripod to take a picture.

Anyway, it's pretty awesome; they are fantastic. Perhaps you have flies in your eyes.
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I didn't quote it (and I'm too lazy to go back to find it), but who said that purple ties shouldn't be worn with white shirts? Why would you say that?
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