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Im 6"9, not 6"7

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

70 inches for those who do not do math well. 5'10.


I'd put Rudals at 5'11. Like all Asian men, he thinks height is really important and thus is trying to tack on some centimeters.


Bahaha, I forgot that 5.83 is, you know feet exactly. Touche, good sir. Though you are shorting yourself about 7 hundreths of another inch. Why not pull a Rudals and round up? :P

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Howdy, gents. Sorry for the photo malfunction yesterday.

Here's today. I'm just under 6', btw.

photo 8146e702-ed19-4d68-82aa-a65bee495aa5_zps279c9676.jpg Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
photo 30343680-37f8-4c32-bf3b-1907ba134f5a_zps2a9e117f.jpgphoto IMG_5529_zpsed8727e9.jpg
Jacket is Isaia, shirt is Borrelli, trou are Incotex and socks are Pantherella, but none of the rest is noteworthy (or unknown)
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Originally Posted by chocsosa View Post

Im 6"9, not 6"7

Sorry - all I remembered was that you were REALLY tall - NBA player tall.

For the record, I had been running around most of my adult life convinced that I was 5' 10" (177.8), but it seems with age that I'm only 5' 9" (175.25). Feh.
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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

I'm just under 6', btw.

Really? I would have guessed you're my height (5'8").
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Attended a meeting this evening, just back...

More and details (Click to show)

Tie - Cappelli

Shirt - Canali

Suit - Canali

PS - Drakes

Shoes - C & J

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Are you wearing a suit with those monks? I was interested in getting a pair of monks but was told that it is not as formal as oxfords. 

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@Cleav - very nice. really excellent stuff from you recently.


Jacket today is a vintage Polo linen number:


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality


Details... (Click to show)




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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post


The OCD in me thanks you for lining those up nicely. Great look btw! That tie is perfect! Nice watch too! bigstar[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

Hello there fellow Washingtonian, where do you get your stuff? 
Like I go to Field for tailoring, Sky Valet for shoes, and Stitchie for bling bling, etc. Just would like to share my go to places and see if you can help me out too. fing02%5B1%5D.gif 

Right on! I don't want to derail the thread but in case it does, we can take it to PM's.

For shoes, it's all online between Nick @ Bespoke England and Steve with GFW. Luxeswap of course :nod: and I use Fields for the super crazy alterations like changing the jacket balance, lowering collars, etc. *he has 2 of my Sartorio SC's right now

I do have an alternative tailor in Fairfax. He does complicated alterations as well and he's made me a tux but for half of what Fields charges. I'll post fitpics of the tux later on.
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Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post

Thanks Tweedy, I need all the help I can get with this tie. It's a very fun piece, so it's worth the experimenting. 

I like it that you posted something challenging. It's good to think about and learn from. Do try it with a brown with a solid shirt and report back. I'm feeling that the combo might work nicely (cf. Stitch's panta DB with reddish tie from the last FC).

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Tis a suit o wedded one Doodals, yes and with dub monks

on any formality scale I may agree with that sentiment though I believe it worked for a Club meeting and they are pretty sleek looking

The watch is not really a suit watch for me so you may put that on the same formality scale...

Interesting you point it out as I considered EG black dub monks and JL Towcester, plumped for them YMMV

I have those other dub monks worn this morning over on 'Rock your socks, pants, shoes' threak where levels of formality have been mooted too. Interesting stuff.
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@Cotton Dockers


A good way to do gray jackets, namely with white or off white/cream trousers.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Appreciated. Navy, though I wouldn't mind it in purple.

It would have been great in a deep purple too, though only if you already have a few navy SCs.


I want a jacket like in your last fit, navy in a 38R, subtle overcheck (brown, burgundy)...

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@cleav - excellent all round, but I am especially envious of the tie.
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