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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post
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BTW, I received my Post-Imperial tie the other day (HM Customs delayed it for ages) - really beautiful and I look forward to wearing it in the Summer!


Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

I definitely agree. There's a section in one of Flusser's book (Dressing the Man, I think) about how lower gorges are preferable for taller men. Flusser use some old pics of Gregory Peck (6'3") and Cary Grant (6'2") as examples and those pictures really changed my view on gorges...


I haven't read Flusser, but as a short fellow, I learned through trial & error that middling gorges suit me much better than the lower ones, so that's another datapoint at the other end of the spectrum to back this up.


Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post
Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

Green tie day




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Personally, I think a lighter-coloured tie would work better to balance out against the trouser/shoe combination. Maybe that cream/red striped one of yours?





Not my finest hour today, but in my defence I had to wake up a bit before 8, far earlier than my usual, so wasn't exactly full of the joys of Spring at that time of the day. I hate mornings...



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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post


[...] I hate mornings... [...]



This sentiment alone deserves a thumb.  Or at least an expression of what may be nearly universal assent.





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Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post

Clags...put it on!

No! Give it to me when I get there next week! :lol:

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Very nice St. Patrick's Day looks, gentleman. Here's mine:


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And here's mine. Just the one shot today because I'm hella busy (as is the shirt tie combination, I know).

How was SXSW, CD? Were you there for business or pleasure?


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GMMcL: If this had been a St. Paddy's Day fit contest, you would have won hands down. Green Windowpane? Holy Shamrocks, Batman!
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Originally Posted by ImTheGroom View Post




Originally Posted by PCK1 View Post


IMO, your trousers are too short...way too much sock is being shown...


Thanks for you feedback but it's a personal thing as always with menswear.

Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post


I don't remember who rebloged this on tumblr but I agree with Clags. The second one is not bad at all. 




I like this. I love the tie. :slayer: But I agree with PCk1 about the trousers. :embar:


Thanks man! Same thing about the trousers but it's always fun to hear others opinions. 

Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

they have been depressing. worst of WAYWRN imho. just total shit.


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Nothing too exciting, just a new (for me) tie.  Shirt is a white self herringbone, but you can’t make out the pattern in the photo I’m afraid.






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I apologize in advance, but someone had to do it.





(Pants are accurate in 2nd image. Shirt sleeve caught on watch).

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That's just not true. No one needed to do that. smile.gif
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Ah yes, 't was St. Paddy's day smile.gif
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@Braddock, that is amazing. So many patterns, but so much win. I love how the tie, the ps, and the scarf all work together even though they seem incongruous at first!



Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

That's just not true. No one needed to do that. smile.gif


I have never had more compliments on a jacket/fit IRL. Like strangers in the hallway compliments. I wore this last at a kentucky derby party and strangers stopped me in the street while driving to honk and holler. It was hilarious.

I only wear it maybe 2-4 times a year, but man is it worth holding on to.

And yes @Crat, St. Patrick's day in Boston. If it was warmer and I wasn't wearing a jacket, it would probably take me an hour to walk a 5 minute distance due to the attention this jacket gets haha.

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Vintage Cashmere SC
Borrelli white shirt
Brooks Brothers tie, navy ground with emerald spots
Random plaid vest
Tom Ford pocket square
Seize Sur Vingt trousers
Gaziano & Girling racing green shoes
Creed Green Irish Tweed
Rolex 50th Anniversary Submariner
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