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Originally Posted by TTO View Post
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64 year old tweed today.


Yes indeed!

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For the Italian CBD challenge. Single pattern, lots of blue.



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Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

Dark brown suede balmorals would be the safer, Italian CBD-eccentric go-to.
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Originally Posted by An Acute Style View Post

I introduced limits today in Pre-Calc.  The class ended with two girls shouting, "The limit does not exist!"  More lapel pin coordination today.  

Another vote for that shirt. I think it demands a Windsor, since that appears to be a dfih, and, to my eye, isn't quite wide enough. Though, given that, I'd probably go with a more sedate vest, or a more formal tie, or both, given the innate, linear, symmetry of the half Windsor, so that throws the whole thing out of whack. This could lead to a morning where I continue to approach leaving the house, but never actually do. This hyperbola, without hyperbole, cod lead to an educator's early dismissal. I may be arguing over iota, so I will make a simplifying assumption, allowing me to dispense with halving measures, and declare you perfectly well dressed, for all practical purposes.
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Originally Posted by Academic2 View Post

It occurs to me that as I type this Claghorn's post is a mere 13 thumbs away from joining the 20+ thread.
Just a thought.

in all fairness, it is an excellent fit.
Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

X-post from the Italian CBD FC Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

this is so good.
Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

20 thumbs has become the new Grail piece in SF lol 

in MC perhaps. in SWD its 100.


TTO - excellent.
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deets (Click to show)

PRL Angora SC







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The wind is howling outside this morning - winter has re-asserted itself for the day here in NYC

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Luckily, the old man winter will be gone tomorrow. It will be in the 50s starting tomorrow!!!

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X Post from the Friday Italian CBD challenge - looks like there's a lot of blues this week!


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Woah. Nice shots. Did you change your camera?
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X-posting from the FC thread.....

Originally Posted by Pingson View Post

OK here we go, a day early.. Yet another blue suit nod[1].gif

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pliny, crusty, pingson, NIBD, very nice.

evilb - you had me until the wrist gear. frown.gif
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X-post from the challenge:

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Rudals, yes I just used a real one instead of an iPhone.


Stitches, the wrist gear is a direct nod to Stephan Winklemann, who's look I am honoring!

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Oh I know, but I still cant get behind it. wink.gif

Also, how did Murl not get 53 thumbs? That was perfect.
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