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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

Arnator, I'd have to agree. I think you should swing the opposite way though and wear it with jeans if you're up for it.


I wouldn't do that either. I would wear it with the matching pants only.
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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

I love those austerity brogues...

Also, get a white linen PS. STAT!

I've got one and a few other PS's but I semi-forgot and mostly am working on my comfort level with them.  I stand out at the office as it is a bit, and I feel a cloud of pretentiousness over me when I wear a PS over here. I'm working on them.  :cheers:

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Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post

Thanks, mimo!
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IMO - Perfect!
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Originally Posted by SeaJen View Post
Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

You know, for me, it's more the concepts that go alongside each of the modes I mentioned, that turn me off them:


- The "stealth wealth elegance" vibe has cultural associations with a certain kind of heavily aspirational, "work hard/play hard", often hypocritically Puritan, professional/social climbing attitudes that make me barf.

- I have more sympathy with the "modern (pseudo-)aristocratic dandy" angle, except for the apparent baggage of emotional insecurity that seems to go with the "modern" and "pseudo" components of the concept.

An interesting schema. I can see some of what you are driving at, but other aspects less so. For instance, I can see, in "SF norms" the hypocritically Puritan, if by that you mean those with conservative views about rules, but a penchant for creating said rules in their own image when mood suits. I'm not sure what you mean by the professional/social climbing element, however, unless you also refer here to the rapid cycle through which people move from ignorant noob to dogmatic teacher, which is really how I have characterized your hypocritical Puritan.


Of course, how many people are now parsing the two classifications to see in which they fit, hoping that they fit neither and live in the hitherto undefined space that is without guile?


I don't want to get into this much more than I already have, partly because the more I talk about it, the more it comes across as an important issue to me, which it isn't particularly. Also, it makes me seem more judgemental than in practice I actually am. But briefly, what I was explaining was my own set of prejudices/biases, not about the reality of other people's lives/attitudes. The lists of traits was not about how actual posters on SF are, but rather the personality traits I associate in the wider/outside world with those aiming towards those kinds of look.


Originally Posted by Tibor View Post

Casual Collegiate Style. Cream socks to match the cream dots on my navy knit tie.


This is really nice. I think you're right to take on board the suggestions to try the same look without a hat (or at last, that particular hat).


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Actually, I believe that its mine.
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I've got the same cream/paisley tie (sadly, only Drake's branded...). I'm curious as to what potential outfits you'd recommend with it. I'm always looking for fresh inspiration!


Originally Posted by Amar ezzahi View Post

Today in the highlands of Aix en Provence


Just to say that I'm really enjoying your outfits recently; you have a playful sense of colour that I like a lot.


Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Went a very different direction from the usual one.


In the close up, it kind of works, but I'm less convinced seeing it in the fuller-length pic. The scale of the paisley feels a little too close to that of the jacket's checks IMO. Also, the colours somehow seem too close too, despite the obvious differences in the close-up.

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Pinstripe sort of day...



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Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

Just to say that I'm really enjoying your outfits recently; you have a playful sense of colour that I like a lot.

Well thank you very much, I really appreciate!
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Originally Posted by PCK1 View Post


Please explain then why Swain Adeney Brigg has on their website that they were the creators of the hat Indiana Jones wore in Raiders of the Lost ark?




Sure, I can explain that. One of them is lying.

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real nice, TTO. i c you are dressing for spring.

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Looking awesome Timo!


MTM by Jean-Manuel Moreau, fully canvassed, fabric by Cacciopolli

Denim shirt by Finamore

MTM trousers by Handson

Double buckled monks by Meermin



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that is a fantastic SC, seamaster. not sure i love it with that shirt, but its a envious SC.
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Thanks for the thumbs yesterday.


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photo IMG_1516_zps0c09f7ba.jpg
Paul Stuart by Samuelsohn
vintage challis (Mansure & Prettyman)
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Long time no see. 

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GM - love that drakes. from where did you acquire it?
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It's awesome to wake up to a migraine that not only causes you to feel like someone is drilling into your head but also make you see big blinding white spots in your vision.  



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