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Still cold in NYC, with threat of a dusting of snow. Same overcoat as yesterday, but change of hat and scarf.

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Today in the highlands of Aix en Provence,

The tweed suit as been made by an algerian tailor, the tie is from Hermes, the shirt by Thyrwitt and the pocket square from Altea.
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@An Acute Style 


I agree. I went with this tie in the last minute since I like the color. I have just the wool tie for the outfit.





I agree that it looks like it in this photo. In reality there is enough contrast.


Thanks for the feedback guys!



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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post

I thought that light blue fedora looked terrific with the navy DB you posted the other day. Not so sure it works with this rig. Seems too much of a clash of styles to me.


The hat certainly makes a powerful statement. Reminds me of the brand-new Akubra Federation IV in slate grey sitting still in its box, in my wardrobe in Sydney. A full year after buying it, I'm still too gutless to wear it out yet.



The "Federation IV" was actually designed by the guy who designed Indy's hat for "Raiders of the Lost Ark". It was commissioned from Akubra by a particular hat store in Katoomba, Blue Mountains (back of Sydney) and can only be ordered through them. I actually drove all the way up there to make sure I bought a hat which fitted, as I'm about half-way between a 59 and a 60 and getting a good fit is important in a hat. Probably blew an extra fifty bucks just in gas. But I do like the hat, and one day I hope to have the courage to wear it outside the house.



Please explain then why Swain Adeney Brigg has on their website that they were the creators of the hat Indiana Jones wore in Raiders of the Lost ark?



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x-post from the challenge



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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post



Just kidding.

I say we just stick to commenting on just what people are wearing. 


Oh thanks that worked very well:


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Originally Posted by DonCologne View Post


Oh thanks that worked very well:



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Somewhat optimistic today, but the lovely spring like weather got me busting out the panama for its first outing this year.
Only SF Family item is the cotton Panta tie, although the Polo silk sportscoat was ebayed from a forumite, @mack11211.
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Went a very different direction from the usual one.



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I am trying to justify this orphaned suit jacket that I thrifted a couple months ago.

I like it a lot and feel I can in fact wear it without looking like I don't know how to dress. I've paired it with flannel trousers and anchored it with a cutaway royal oxford and toned down cashmere tie. 


I feel in terms of formality nothing is out of place, I am not trying to be ostentatious or a menswear peacock. But is it a fruitless venture to wear an orphaned jacket, even this cool recent one? If you felt I could still pull it off, what suggestions do you gents have in terms of pairing or switching buttons?

I feel pairing contrasting trousers is a good idea and perhaps switching my these solid brown buttons for horn buttons will help play down the fact this jacket appears to be orphaned.

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x-post from the challenge:

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^^^ arnathor, I don't really think that works outside of it's original context. In others words, I don't think it can be pulled off as an odd jacket.
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Arnator, I'd have to agree. I think you should swing the opposite way though and wear it with jeans if you're up for it.
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After wearing a couple times I realized I need to lengthen the sleeves maybe .5"  The Shirt is a very light blue which is not at all apparent in these pictures.  Thanks Obama. 



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Shirt-Proper Cloth/Thomas Mason @Seph

Tie - Holiday & Brown

Suit - RLPL

Shoes - Carmina Austerity Brogues

Socks - Polo

PS - still working on that

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I love those austerity brogues...

Also, get a white linen PS. STAT!

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