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Bespoke Sartoria Ripense suit
Bespoke Courtot shirt
Tie your tie 7-fold tie
Drakes PS
Carmina shoes with a green patina by Hom N’Guyen

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^ Not a fan of the tie, but suit and shirt are great

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post

More sale goodies



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




New tie from Passaggio Cravatte via Exquisite Trimmings (Click to show)


And look at the beauty of this special tie for Exquisite Trimmings.  It is a really dandy grenadine silk and a unique printed by hand with many years on its shoulders and lined just to the internal node with the bar tack of course stitched by hand by the twelve-fingered grandmothers of Campania.  See the hemmed entirely by hand exactly as a hundred years ago!  This picture shows the magic of the transparent!




Warning: Socks (Click to show)




Nice tie! Try a double FIH if you aren't already, it makes for a nicer knot with these PC grenadines:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Originally Posted by ammanati View Post

Thank you Monkeyface! There was no need, both C&TD and Luxire store Dugdale fabrics. C&TD as for a first try was quite good. My biggest problem was the fit of arms and overall proportions of the jacket. It is a thin line between simly too short/long and out of proportions. Now I am quite convinced that the button stance is at the right position although you guys should tell what you think. 


Simply at that time I didnt want to purchase trousers so I skipped it and focused on jacket. I new I would order them some time from luxire so I just wanted to make sure they store the same fabric. FlyingMonkey is right. All these are a good reasons ;)


Thanks! Yeah, the sleeve pitch seems a little off, and there seems to be something funky going on with the shoulders, they look a bit too big. The buttoning point looks good though. Is there anyway they'll remake the jacket for you? I'm pretty sure that OTR suitsupply jacket fits you better.

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Same here. Love the suit but the tie is...meh~

@L2BR great fit! Pants are a tad bit short.
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The shoe colour is daring, of course. What I find less than optimal is when the lacing spread is that wide. Seems the shoes are a size too narrow.
It was Manton himself who said wholecuts with floating medallion have issues and I would agree in this case. They look a bit "clumsy" from that angle (solely impo, of course). No matter what, please wear in good health. And the suit is peach.
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Todays Rig


Harry Rosen

Polo RL 
Zegna Tie


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Navy on navy, inspired by Rudals:


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Very nice MF. I notice that you got rid of the mirror too. Also nice. 

What width is that tie?

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Don't know if I am happy with my tie today, certainly not on these pictures.




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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@Roy Al

Navy blue tie?


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Thanks Rudals! I think the tie is either 3.25" or 3.50". Mimo's got the same tie in red, so maybe he'll know.
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3.25" and 3.5" is a huge difference. Looks like a 3.5". 

Where's Uncle Nemo today?! Probably getting a tan or something. 

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I'm not the best at guessing inches, I prefer the metric system. I've got ties from 3"-3.7", and I like them all. All depends on your frame/lapel shape.
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Originally Posted by Rudals View Post

@Roy Al

Navy blue tie?



Think that could be nice.

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...and you are what?

I am 38R and people gave me a hard time for donning a 3.55" or 9.0 cm. Maybe it had more to do with the lapel size not complementing the "wide" tie. 

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